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The “beyond” in Bed Bath & Beyond no longer includes only snazzy kitchen gadgets and luxe hair care: The retailer just added its first-ever private label children’s line to the mix. Marmalade, which spans bedroom furniture, lighting, and peel-and-stick wallpaper, is full of unexpectedly chic pieces, like a round mirror wrapped in jute, a bookcase with reflective brass doors, and an iridescent table lamp. Prices range from $15 for decorative accessories to $600 for bed frames. 

Although there are 196 brand-new products, it wasn’t hard for our editors to come to a consensus on the crown jewel of the collection: The Biscuit hand-tufted area rug is easily our favorite. The 4-by-5-foot mat is no ordinary rectangle—in fact, it doesn’t have any straight edges. Instead, it features a scalloped border, which instantly reminded us of the undulating waves and ripple effects we’ve been seeing all year long. An Yves Klein Blue base diffuses the sweetness of the salmon-hued polka dots for a design that’s charming but not overly cutesy. The best part: The machine-washable (!) find retails for $200. 

Kids' Rooms photo
Marmalade Biscuit 4′ x 5’3 Hand Tufted Area Rug in Blue, Bed Bath & Beyond ($200)

Immediately, we started brainstorming all the places we would put it (underneath the living room coffee table certainly isn’t the only option). Given its smaller scale, we picture the Biscuit rug in a tiny entryway, a galley kitchen, or at the foot of a bed. And if you’re looking to fill an oddly shaped nook, try the round pink version for the same price. It’s a no-brainer. 

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