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Like it or not, the ‘90s are back, baby. Neons, high-top sneakers, chokers, ‘The Rachel’ cut, The Spice Girls, body glitter—we’re practically gushing with nostalgia on this walk down memory lane. And your makeup drawer is pretty excited about this decade return, too—as is Urban Outfitters, where the beauty section is basically a dedicated ‘90s appreciate zone. Caboodles to mood nail polish to scrunchies—you can celebrate the era in style.

Velvet Hair Scrunchie Set, UO, $12

This set of scrunchies would fit perfectly on the set of Beverly Hills 90210, as it would today, on your nightstand. Use it on your wrist just as an accessory, or to keep a high ponytail together.

Vintage Pretty Makeup Case, Caboodles, $10

Caboodles, guys! I could scream! The handy case that was practically a fashion statement back in the ‘90s is back, and as handy as ever. Take it on-the-go for weekend trips, as your makeup case, or store nail polish or makeup in it at home. Just found out how the iconic case came to be, too. Apparently Caboodles was modeled in the ‘80s after Vanna White’s makeup holder, which was actually a tackle box where she stored her makeup. Who knew!

Radiant Loose Cosmetic Glitter, Smolder Cosmetics, $9

Remember having loose glitter literally everywhere (while Backstreet Boys were playing in the background)? Your face, your bathroom, your clothes, etc. Same. Celebrate that memory with loose prismatic glitter that can be used on your face, lips, eyebrows, body, hair, nails—endless possibilities. Backstreet Boys tunes not required, but highly recommended.

Mood Nail Polish, UO, $6.00 (Or 3 for $10)

Remember mood rings? And the mood ring scene in My Girl? Iconic! Channel those early ‘90s vibes with mood nail polish, which changes colors with your mood (or more specifically, hot and cold temperatures). Consider this the modern version of the old school ring.

Face Jewels, Wicked Hippie, $12

If this doesn’t take you back to your youth, then I don’t know what will. I used these everywhere, from my nails to my face to my hair to my Caboodles to my Trapper Keeper. They’re back, they’re awesome, and you need them in your life. There is also this sticker neon flower option as well.

Roll-On Shimmer Body Glitter, Lavender Stardust, now $8

Body glitter is back, in a huge way. Every brand is re-issuing a ‘90s inspired way to get glitter back on your body. This easy roll-on version gives shimmering perfection to body, hair, and face. Roll on, my glimmering friend.

Blue Glittering Peel-Off Mask, Fantasy, $15

Did you spend every Friday watching TGIF shows and diligently applying a peel-off mask? Same. Turn on Hulu, go binge watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and apply this sparkling, blue peel-off mask, which exfoliates dry skin and brightens.

Sparkle Temporary Tattoo Set, Magic & Madness, $15

Did you also always seem to have a temporary tattoo someone on you? Great news, celebrate your forever youth with a fresh new set of temporary tattoos. They’re back!

Reusable Pop On Nails, Static Nails, $14

Remember when you changed your nails (and butterfly hair clips) with your outfits? Those handy reusable pop-on nails are back, now with a fresh color update. Just glue them on (with now non-damaging glue) and go.

Heart Hand Mirror, UO, $12

Nolita vibes meets a hand mirror, which is something I never knew I needed until I saw this. But doesn’t it just look like something Kelly Kapowski would meticulously apply her makeup with?

Diamond Dew Lid Topper, Lime Crime, $20

What’s more retro than purple, sparkly eyeshadow? Celebrate your love of the Spice Girls (avid Baby Spice fan right here, hi) with this glitter, crease-proof shadow that lasts all day.

Colorful Nosecoat, Zinka, $8

Zack Morris would use this, so you gotta have it. The iconic colored zinc sunscreen of the ‘80s and ‘90s is back, still in that old school formula and packaging. Perfectly blocks out UVA and UVB rays with water-resistant 25 percent zinc oxide cream.

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