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Mothers can be notoriously hard to buy for: By now, you’ve probably spent the last few decades coming up with multiple gift ideas a year for your mom, so it’s only natural that inspiration is running dry. Between birthdays, holidays, and Mother’s Day, you’ve probably already given her every cookbook, pair of slippers, or gardening tool under the sun.

But that doesn’t mean that Mother’s Day should be ignored: After all, it’s the one time of the year when you can truly show your appreciation for everything your mom does. Even if your Mother’s Day budget is small, we’ve got compelling proof that great gifts do come under $50. We’ve scoured the world’s most high-end brands to find 16 little luxuries that’ll elevate your mom’s everyday.

For the breakfast queen mom…

Marble Egg Cup & Hammer Spoon, Sir Madam ($38)

If your mom makes the best breakfast eggs in the world, add another tool to her arsenal with these marble egg cups and hammer spoons. Not only will she be delighted to elevate her brunch game, but you’ll also probably benefit, too, in the form of delicious soft-boiled eggs.


For the eco-conscious mom…

CV x Every Mother Counts Tote Bag, Clare V. ($45)

Give her a reusable bag she’ll be proud to tote around. This Clare V. tote is the result of a partnership with Every Mother Counts, an organization that aims to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere, so it’s the ultimate feel-good gift.

For the mom with a silk scarf collection…

Delicate Kit
Delicate Kit, The Laundress ($45)

In partnership with The Laundress: If your mom has a laundry list of silk scarves, sequin tops, and lace accessories, give her the gift of luxurious and convenient home laundering. Save her trips to the dry-cleaners with this Delicate Kit from The Laundress, which can be used on 90% of “dry-clean only” items.

For the mom who always has overnight guests…

Makeup Towels, Weezie ($40)

Freshen up her linen closet with a set of makeup towels for guests or for herself and help keep her white towels pristine. She’ll appreciate the gesture, especially if you’ve ruined your share of family washcloths in the past.

For the mom who believes in handwritten notes…

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 7.18.04 PM
Embroidered Stationery Set, Lingua Franca ($45)

Give her stationery with a dose of sass. This Lingua Franca x Dempsey & Carroll embroidered stationery set features quotes like “everyday I’m hustlin” and “beat the system” so your mom can be a little quippy in her correspondence.


For the mom who loves a summer cocktail…

Set of 4 Abaca Fish Coasters, AERIN ($18)

Give your mom’s happy hour a sleek refresh with an adorable set of fish-shaped coasters from Aerin. They’re perfect to pair with an alfresco glass of Sancerre.

For the traveling mom…

“I’m On My Way” Eye Mask, Hill House Home ($35)

For the mom who catches one red-eye flight after another, this eye mask will ensure that she’s always well-rested no matter where she’s flying to and it will help her catch z’s in style.

For the mom with perfectly manicured hands…

Rose Of No Man’s Land Hand Cream, Byredo ($40)

Gift her a handbag accessory she’ll actually want to carry around: a luxe and nourishing hand cream from Byredo with notes of Turkish rose petals and pink pepper.

For the mom whose house always smells great…

L’Éteignoir, Cire Trudon ($40)

If your mom always has a scented candle burning, this éteignoir from Cire Trudon will gently extinguish any flame without smoke. Plus, it’ll look great when displayed on her coffee table.


For the mom with a royal family penchant…

2-Pack Small Batch Natural Tea, Rare Tea Co. ($26)

A set of tea tins straight from London will undoubtedly fuel her enthusiasm for all things British. Choose flavors ranging from classic earl grey to speedy breakfast or wild rooibos.

For the mom with salon-quality hair…

Belle Printed Shower Cap, Shhhowercap ($43)

Forget plastic shower caps. These chic waterproof turbans will keep any blowout in top shape and look great doing it. This breathable cap helps hair retain its volume and smoothness without frizz or humidity.

For the mom who loves alfresco lunches…

Set of 4 Oval Placemats, Uashmama ($48)

Can you believe these chic placemats are made of waxed paper? This makes them water- and stain-resistant and requires nothing more than a quick wipe-down, leaving more time for crafting the perfect outdoor lunch.

For the mom who still lives in the ’90s…

Set of 3 Silk Hair Ties, Slip ($39)

If your mom never got rid of her old scrunchie collection, good news: They’re officially back. Swap her worn scrunchies with chic silk hair ties that are gentle on hair and keep strands soft and shiny.


For the mom who loves gardening…

No.96 Jardin Sauvage Scented Candle, Marie-Stella-Maris ($45)

Sure, you could get your mom gardening tools, but chances are she already has all the essentials at her disposal. Instead, bring the scent of a wild garden in bloom to the inside of her home with this elegant scented candle from Marie-Stella-Maris with notes of cypress, pine, sweet jasmine, and neroli.

For the mom who decants everything…

Rattan Picnic Carafe, Jenni Kayne ($45)

If your mom never allows a generic brand’s plastic container on the dinner table, give her a beautiful rattan carafe from Jenni Kayne to decant anything from sparkling water to lemonade.

For the mom who believes in the power of pampering…

Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm, Aesop ($35)

What better way to feel your best after a long bath than to finish off with rich, rejuvenating body balm? This Aesop cream is made with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil and combined with aromatic tangerine, vanilla, and sandalwood for a multisensory post-shower treat.

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