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This year, Mother’s Day is probably going to look a bit different. Due to social distancing, long brunch celebrations, museum days, and spa visits are all out. So it’s time to get creative. Whether you’ve been quarantining with your family for months or only able to send virtual love, there are plenty of ways to make your mom feel special despite the circumstances.

If you’re stressing out about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, you might want to hold off on purchasing anything just yet. According to a study conducted by OpenTable, one-third of adults say that sharing a meal together is the most meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

Sure, Mom may appreciate a stylish home buy (check out our full gift guide for ideas), but nothing really beats time spent with your loved ones. This survey was conducted as a part of last year’s OpenTable’s #DiningMode campaign, which challenges diners to put their phones down during dinnertime. A full 76 percent of respondents said that the number one occasion when phone-checking should be kept to an absolute minimum is Mother’s Day.

If you and your mom are in the same place, consider a home-cooked meal. For brunch, try an easy baked egg recipe that ensures you spend less time in front of the stovetop, and for dinner, try an easy pasta dish the pros swear by that won’t require any fancy ingredients you might not have on hand. She’ll love the intimacy of a meal made from scratch (not to mention the points you’ll get for effort!).

If your mom isn’t nearby? Take it to Zoom. Consider virtually cooking a meal together and creating a beautiful Mother’s Day tablescape to enjoy in front of the computer. It’s not perfect, but sitting down and sharing delicious food, stories, and memories doesn’t need to happen in person. The thought you put into the meal (and the conversation you have while enjoying it) is sure to guarantee a perfectly lovely Mother’s Day no matter where you are in the world.

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