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When it comes to hardworking utility items, it’s easy to forgo design and opt for whatever’s closest to the checkout line. But these days brands are giving even the most historically ugly objects much-needed makeovers. Take brooms, for example. The O.G. household staple often boasts a metal or plastic handle and clunky, equally plastic dustpan crafted for function not form. But what if you could have both? We rounded up our favorite brooms that will make Sunday cleaning sessions look as good as the result feels. Shop our picks, below. 

Mini Broom by Siaonvr, Walmart ($10)

At 4 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this pint-size cleaning accessory will come in handy for wiping down a dining table or hard-to-reach corner. 

Bassine Broom, June Home Supply ($31)

Stiff-bristle brooms aren’t just found in Mary Poppins. Each bassine piece is handmade by visually impaired craftsmen in Stockholm. 


Cupboard Brush, Labour and Wait ($42)

Use the flat side of this curved broom to clean a cupboard’s sides, and the round head to get to the hard-to-reach top. Break it down into two parts to stow it away in a snap.

Dust Pan and Brush Set, Rejuvenation ($63)

Stainless steel and oiled beechwood combine to create a garden-specific dustpan for keeping your deck clear of pesky twigs and leaves. 

Wing Hand Broom, Bloomist ($80)

A decorative object just as much as a cleaning supply, this modern take on the “turkey wing broom” is handmade with ancient sorghum grass on a 1890s machine.

Short Japanese Cypress Broomstick by Takada, Goodee ($200)

This traditional Japanese broom features windmill palm fibers and a hinoki-wood handle. It’s also extremely durable, lasting up to 20 years.


French Standing Broom Sweep Set by Andrée Jardin, Pottery Barn ($150)

Crafted in France, this beechwood-handle ponytail brush snaps into the dustpan, so you can slide it into the closet in one piece. 

Ash Utility Broom, Schoolhouse ($82)

A hand-beveled octagonal handle and natural oil finish make for a feel-good grip, while a leather hanging loop lets you take advantage of vertical storage space.

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