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by Michelle Gage


It’s official: We have a crush on this

marble bathroom



Wave-like tiling and unique brass fixtures prove that the devil is in the details.


Minimalism at its finest.


Beautiful blues and repeating circles complement one another in this graphic bathroom.


Pretty in pink. We’re huge fans of painting your bathroom—pastel pink preferred.


Trading in your shower curtain for some hanging plants isn’t practical, but it sure is pretty.


Talk about a bath with a view.


This bathroom is what little girls’ dreams are made of. Perfect for sisters, best friends, or really, anyone.


The graphic wall paper is a chic accent to an otherwise all-white space.


Fun-loving flamingos frolic on the serene subway-tiled walls.


Floor to ceiling window with a view? Yes, please.


We’re not sure what we love more, the dizzying tile floor or the leggy sink? It’s safe to say we’ll settle for both.


You heard it here first, people! Gray is the new white when it comes to bathrooms.


We’d give anything to relax in this bathroom. The paneled shower, floppy ficus, and airy ceilings are perfection.


This eclectic, retro shows a little color can go a long way.


The mismatched (and probably reclaimed) wood gives this bathroom a rustic, yet modern feel. The statement kelly green cabinet on the far right and wild flowers from the garden make make for idyllic accents.


There is only one word for this bathroom: Glamorous.


Everything about this bathroom feels so right and proves patterned tile is the way to our hearts.


Lovers of neutrals, rejoice! A chocolate

brown accent wall

isn’t overwhelming when paired with the sky-high white tiling.


The floating gold accents against this graphic, almost sea shell-like wall paper, is a winning combination.