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Let’s face it, when it comes to finding viable storage solutions for the bathroom, things can get tricky. Add in the constraints that come with a small space, and you find yourself with a whole new set of problems. Short of having to settle for the all-too-traditional storage solutions we often find ourselves gravitating towards—minimal effort and budget-friendly being two prime reasons for this—it’s important to recognize the clever alternatives available to us out there as well.

Thinking outside the box, and with the help of a few of our designer friends, we set out to uncover the bathrooms where the approach to storage was anything but an eyesore. Here’s what we found.


We’re always in favor of giving vintage finds a new lease on life and designating them as a storage solution in the bathroom is one surefire way to do it. Aside from bringing on a bold dose of character and texture to the space, these finds make for the ideal complement to the near-sterile design of many a modern bathroom. Subway tiles, white walls, basic tub—you know the drill. Offset these pre-existing elements by integrating wooden shelving or woven baskets into the mix. Form and function never looked this good.


We’re so readily used to the idea of designating a basket to the floor, to double as a catch-all for towels and whatever else have you, that we rarely think of this clever alternative: hanging them up on the wall. Granted you would have to opt for a slightly smaller option but, it’ll still manage to uphold its intended purpose. Use this method to store everything from hair dryers to extra shampoo bottles and just about any other random odd and end you accumulate.

There’s no such thing as wasted space in a small bathroom and making the most of every available square inch is paramount. One spot you might be missing out on? The storage space under the sink. If you’re feeling bold, and up to the challenge, consider swapping out the existing vanity for one with slightly more room. No need to spend an arm and a leg here—Ikea has plenty of affordable options and when all else fails, you can always DIY.

Photography by Aaron Bengochea

Ever find yourself stuck between two walls with nowhere to go? There’s a fix for that. City-dwellers are all too familiar with the perils of awkwardly-shaped bathrooms. Take note from this Brooklyn-based bath, where an elongated shelving unit conveniently fits right in between the shower and wall, resulting in a viable storage solution fit to hold all the essentials.

Photography by Molly Winters

Utilizing the top of the toilet tank as a storage option may not be the most sanitary or practical course of action. But, building a little shelf above it just might be the creative solution we were looking for. Sans having to sacrifice the wasted space, this clever fix—which we spotted in Claire Zinnecker’s LA home—makes use of the empty wall and provides a rich tonal element to the otherwise whitewashed room.

Photography by NICOLE FRANZEN

Christene Barberich’s Brooklyn Heights home taught us a prime lesson in getting the most out of limited square footage. In lieu of resorting to the standard bathroom storage shelf, she brought in a vintage bench that fit perfectly within the tight confines of the space. With ample space for extra towels, and any other bathroom essential one can think of, the storied piece contributes both a defined hint of color and texture—all the while remaining entirely functional.