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The industrial style of my apartment make this space my dream warehouse loft. The concrete, graphic lines of the warehouse windows, and lack of color all fit perfectly with my aesthetic. I wanted to play off those characteristics, so I went with a black & white color scheme. I added in geometric patterns, warmed it up with a few natural wood pieces, a little pink, some yellow, and lots of plants!

The kitchen was my favorite to shop for, I love the open concept shelving! I knew I wanted to start with white basics and add in graphic elements while sprinkling in some special items from the antique store. I have a feeling these shelves will be forever changing, but I am so happy with how they currently look.

There is an antique store down the street from me, and many, many hours were spent there chatting with the sellers, learning about each piece I bought. I wanted a bunch of black and white books and found a seller who was obsessed with spy books. Being I SPY DIY, I loved the idea of having a stack with the word “spy” in it, and lucky for me, they were all black and white.

My favorite DIY project is the coffee table. It started with a routine stop at my local Salvation Army when I found out they had started selling slabs of wood at all the locations. (Which led me on a crazy chase around town looking for the perfect piece.) Once I found it, my brother-in-law helped me cut it, my Dad helped me smooth it and add legs, and my Mom supervised the staining—It was truly a family affair! And that makes me love it even more.

I started from scratch with this place, so I needed to buy everything, which was a little overwhelming. I do a lot of my shopping online, so it tends to take me a little longer to buy things because I often get distracted by a million options. I also wanted to make sure a lot of the pieces were thrifted so my space would have one-of-a-kind items mixed with more popular ones. I am happy I took a little longer to find the right stuff, because now so many items have a fun story.

I found these trophy shelves online and knew right away, I knew I wanted to add succulent pots in each. Then, the fear of them falling on my head while I slept set in, so each pot is stuck on with heavy duty double sided tape. The wink pillows are a DIY project, steps on how to create your own here.

Thank you for exploring my home with me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I liked creating it.