Want to Sip Tea With Misbehaving Sheep? Now You Can via Airbnb

And walk with penguins and observe chimpanzees.

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Imagine: You’re on vacation in scenic Loch Lomond, where the Scottish air is fresh and the surrounding rolling hills inspire inner calm. You decide to take a break from your day of hiking and gazing at the many vistas to pop over to a quaint cottage for a nice, traditional teatime. Then before you know it, you hear soft crunching sounds, as if someone nearby has stepped in a pile of leaves—but it’s no person. A naughty Herdwick sheep has joined your table—and stolen the scone right off your plate. This is just one of the many Animal Experiences that you can now sign up for on Airbnb.

Launched today, this new component of the vacation rental site allows travelers to live out their greatest Animal Planet fantasies. Working with World Animal Protection, Airbnb ensures that each experience prioritizes animal welfare and conservation. That means you can’t interact with wild creatures—though you can get a close look at the ones who live in sanctuaries (like these chimpanzees) and follow experienced guides to see them from a safe distance (such as on this Arctic fox tour). When it comes to farm and domesticated animals, though, the possibilities are almost endless. If tea with sheep isn’t quite your vibe, these adventures might just fit the bill.

Paddleboarding With a Corgi in Miami

Just when you thought your upright paddleboarding adventure in Kauai was cool, the chance to ride a board commandeered by a corgi named Mr. Beaches, well, blows it out of the water.

Walking With Penguins in Cape Town

Airbnb sees your beach vacation and raises you this: a shoreline stroll with a whole flock of African penguins in South Africa.

Watching Elephants in Chiang Mai

Sadly, elephant tourism in Thailand is not always humane. This tour offers an ethical alternative: the opportunity to observe the elephants as they live peacefully in their forest habitat.

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