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9 Affordable Rugs to Buy in Your Twenties

A rug completes a room, but it’s also a big investment. Here’s how to choose wisely.

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Rugs have the power to transform any space. Picking one of the right size can be especially tricky. However, it’s one of the most important factors when choosing the rug that is right for you. First, figure out the size that will help bring your space together. Then, hone in on the style. Could your living room benefit from a fresh white flokati? Is your dining room craving a vibrant flat woven? No matter what sort of rug your room needs, we have got you covered.


Since we are focusing on sticking to a budget, a vintage-inspired rug is the way to go. Get that vintage look without all of the early morning hunting and haggling required to find a true vintage piece. This rug, while not one-of-a-kind, is seriously special. It is the perfect rug to place in your living room if you are looking for a show-stopping decorative textile.

Neutral Geometric with a Twist

Sometimes all a space needs is a subtle print. This white and gray toned geometric pattern isn’t too overwhelming in your space. Instead, it’s what we like to call a non-print print. It doesn’t quite read as a print because it is tiny and neutral-toned.

Multi-Colored Kilim

This rug makes the perfect addition to your gray living room. Paired with a neutral solid sofa, this rug will pop. If you are looking to add color to your space, but do not wish to paint, this is your answer. This rug is great for families with children, as any spills and stains will be easily concealed.

Just Jute

Jute, like a plain white tee shirt, makes a great basic. The durable construction makes it a no-brainer for big and busy families. The natural texture adds a layer of interest to your room. Speaking of layers, this rug is a great base underneath a brighter rug. Get the jute rug about two sizes up from your patterned rug, and place it underneath. The silver border will peek out and give your room an instant bohemian vibe.


This rug is great for high-traffic areas. If you are in the market for a sunroom rug, this is your best bet. Its preppy stripe is perfect for the trend-conscious consumer.


If your home can handle a white rug, we suggest a flokati. While this is not the right rug for people with messy pets and kids, it works well when you are single in your twenties. Take advantage of this time now, and get yourself the wow-worthy rug of your dreams.

Vibrant Traveler

Much like a souvenir from a trip to a faraway land, this rug evokes a worldly feel. This vibrant decorative textile is an eclectic addition to any room in your home. It will look amazing under your sofa or dining room table. There is simply no wrong place to put this pretty pink piece.

Faux Cowhide

A faux cowhide rug adds a glamourous touch to any space. Typically, we see this under a white tulip dining table. Try layering this rug over a jute one in a living room. If you are looking for something high-style, this is definitely a designer look.

Bold Overdyed

An overdyed rug is great at hiding stains, as it already features some imperfections. This rich, jewel-toned rug adds a vibrancy to any space it inhabits. Pair it with soft gray and cream shades for a seriously sophisticated look.