40 dining rooms that give us boho chic

plenty of earthy inspo for your next dining room re-do!

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by Rosie Hatch

With its earthy and relaxed vibe, it’s no wonder that the bohemian way of life never seems to go out of style. In the dining room, choosing a boho look is a great choice because of its versatility. You can choose between calming neutrals, or bright colorful patterns and anything in between depending on your own personal style. So whether you’re a surf babe, a worldly traveler, (or just a fan of boho!), here are 40 inspirational dining rooms to help you achieve this effortless chic look.

A flowy table runner and a freshly picked flowers make this dining table come to life. Imagine yourself here with friends on a warm summer night. *swoon*

Getting creative with seating is a perfect way to create chic imperfection in your dining room. Add some sheepskins on the seats for good measure, and you have a space that’s both cozy and intriguing.

Wood elements scattered throughout the room instantly boosts the earthy appeal. Add plenty of succulents and greenery and voila, a bohemian paradise.

Yes, there’s a thing called modern boho, and this is it.

For the DIY boho babes, you can make a similar macramé wall hanging for your space.  This wall décor paired with playful, layered rugs is a winning combo.

Don’t be afraid of using bold colors. Here is a dining space with a perfect balance of color, natural woods and unique and personal wall art.

With a light-filled room like this one, it’s easy to use that to your advantage. Incorporate some soft pastels and vibrant plants for a welcoming and unpretentious gathering space.

Subtle boho details in this dining room lend a complimentary vibe to the mature leather seating and dark moody walls.

Raw, natural elements flow together well in this effortlessly chic dining space. We can see ourselves here, chatting with close friends over tea.

Artsy, colorful prints are used as a creative background to this artsy space.

Now THIS is a statement wall! With this as a backdrop, all you really need is some beautiful wood pieces and plenty of guests to “ohh and ahh” over your one-of-a-kind, exotic dining room.

Loft lovers rejoice! Welcome guests to eat in this funky space complete with a gorgeous

blue accent wall

and we bet they won’t want to leave.

When in doubt, go for dynamic wall art for boho style. Choose a few floral prints and you are well on your way to taking an ordinary dining room to a chic and relaxed paradise.

So airy and beautiful, this is boho done right! This room is proof that you don’t need a bunch of colors or patterns to give off that carefree vibe.

With natural lighting this good, it’s no wonder that the base color of this room is white. That allows the pink boho-print pillows to really be the creative focus in this

breakfast nook

This feminine print wallpaper makes a colorful background to the simple design elements in this dining room.

Moroccan flair is a great way to achieve that boho look. Beautiful silhouette pendant lights and playful, colorful patterns help transport this dining room to a whole new world.

This farm table in the Netherlands epitomizes relaxed and natural-both of which are very bohemian. Those oversized pendant lights make this space.

If colorful isn’t necessary your thing, why not opt for a chic white template for your dining room? Just look to light fixtures and wall art for a great boho touch.

Here’s a boho look that’s all grown up! Sophisticated dark colors paired with a vintage cowhide creates a mature dining area that proves that even small spaces can boast some major style.

We love the playful combination of the acrylic chairs and the earthy appeal in this space. Oh, and those antlers? True boho appeal!

Rustic leather seating and a vintage rug come together in this open space. We love the view into the

open shelving

in the kitchen to prove that even mix-matched dishes, can truly be chic!

Somewhere between

scandinavian style

and Bohemian style, is this peaceful dining nook. Simple whites, and elegant wood details with a dash of

statement lighting

is a winning combination.

When your dining chairs are an art all by themselves, then you have major shoes to fill for the rest of the room. The articulate wood detail in these chairs look lovely paired with romantic lighting and a Moroccan inspired mirror.

Colorful baskets are one way to add major style cred to your dining room. Incorporate similar prints in seat cushions and a Persian rug and you instantly create an exotic focal point to this space.

Pairing this table, plenty of roses and dark walls just oozes romance. Perfect for a special candlelight dinner for the earthy, boho couple.

We love the idea of placing a cowhide rug under a dining table. Here, the simple round table and surrounding earthy décor keeps this room cozy and easygoing.

There’s no such thing as a cluttered room in the gypsy mindset. This bright space uses plenty of décor to keep it relaxed and effortless. Plus that mirror wall? We are stealing that idea!

Keeping a room interesting doesn’t mean you need a lot of color. Sometimes the style is in the details. Here, beautiful wood bowls and candlesticks sit atop a gorgeous wooden table creating a calming place for friends and family alike.

This calming dining set-up is actually inside a hotel in Mykonos. The raw edge table and low-to-the-floor seating can easily be done at home and you can take this vacation with you.

Boho doesn’t need to be limited to beach or desert! This snowy oasis stays calm with neutrals and sheepskins. Plus, when you got a view this good, it’s not difficult to make this space dreamy.

One great thing about boho dining rooms? They can be pretty much anywhere. Add a bevy of pillows for comfy seating, string lights and plenty of friends.

A room perfect for entertaining, this cozy dining nook is epitome of mixing old with new. Recycled hats adorn the accent wall, and the African mudcloth print seating is a great addition to boost the worldly appeal.

An outdoor dining room surrounded by nature is one way to achieve an earthy atmosphere. Check out that drool-worthy tile!

Make your morning routine better with a fresh cup of coffee, and this breakfast nook. The best part of having booth-like seating is the chic pillow possibilities.

With a simple white color palette, and plenty of natural wood, it’s hard not to adore this space.

If there’s a way to combine boho chic and modern, this is it. Incorporating mod lighting and contemporary chairs against natural elements surprisingly works in this space. Add a surfboard and some greens and it will feel like you are on a permanent vacation to the Islands!

This room is the perfect example of a little boho going a long way. The tribal rug is a great size to really define the room, and the beachy art print gives a perfect amount of wanderlust to the space.