10 Dining Rooms That Are Inspiring Us This Year

Boho-chic, scaled-back maximalism, and more of the stunning trends we can't get enough of.
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Blue is going to be a major color player in 2017, especially the more saturated and cobalt variety. This vibrantly decked dining room manages to sneak in a slew of bright shades and geometric patterns, all the while upholding the foundation of its modern decorative scheme.

The contrasting elements of this mod scene result from the whitewashed details of the room, which double as a blank canvas for the saturated tones of the key furnishings. Consider it a flawless example of blending contrasting aesthetics.

Moody dining rooms top our list of the most covetable trends of the year. A matte black wallpaper sets the backdrop while luxe blush, velvet dining chairs provide a welcome note of contrast to the scene. The lustrous pendant (and matching dining table legs) complete the look with a metallic detail.

Simplicity reigns free in this rustic setup where the serene subject of the wall art sets the ideal focal point for the space and its modest surroundings.

Consider this a lesson in experimenting with an abundance of color and pattern! While the overall decor scheme skews towards a particular palette of bold hues, the complementary nature of the furnishings help keep the look cohesive and chic.

We’re swooning over the daring elements of this dining room’s design scheme! A concrete base paired with a stained wooden top completely reinvents the whole conception of a dining table. A subdued blush wall paint effortlessly offsets the otherwise harsh details of the room.

In this understated and refreshingly modern dining space, an eclectic assortment of vases and vessels bring about a defining detail to the decor, imparting the space with a fresh dose of color and texture.

Within this boho-chic space, the absence of a multitude of color is more than made up for by the overflowing greens and mix-and-match aesthetic of the dining chairs.

Offset the incongruity of an awkwardly shaped room by bringing in structured furnishings to streamline the flow of the space. Here, an elongated dining table distracts the eye from the irregular features of the room.

A mid-century modern decor scheme coupled with statement art and an abstract pendant caps off our (ever-growing) list of must-haves for the dining room!

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