3 clever ways to decorate a fireplace

Whether functional or purely decorative, a well-appointed fireplace really warms up a room.

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The most beautiful mantels manage to bring together the artistic, organic, and reflective. Get inspired by these sparkly ideas.

Make that one piece of eye-catching art the focal point. (Yep, this one belongs front and center.) Notice that the art complements the other key pieces in the room (arm chair, rug, stool), which pulls the entire picture together.

For a room with a more modern vibe, choose a piece of artwork and position it off-center. A silver vased overflowing with blooms is the perfect companion piece.

Let the mirror steal the show. (And not just any ordinary mirror.) Choose something bold, like the starburst, to capture the attention and then pick subtle pieces (white matte vases and books) to complete the look.