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5 furniture swaps to make in 2016

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Photography by lily z design

A new year brings countless opportunities to make changes. If you’ve been hoping to make major moves when it comes to your furniture, take a gander at our suggestions for stylish swaps in the new year. First up…

Swap: The Bedside Tray

Certainly an elegant, space-saving option, the tray adds beauty to the bedroom, for sure. The one thing it doesn’t add is storage. If you find your tray top a bit crowded, make the swap to a substantial nightstand instead. For instance..

Gray and Purple Bedroom

Replace With: A Real Nightstand

A wooden option is a great way to bring natural colors and textures into the room. If you still miss your posh tray, add a mirrored or marble one atop your new piece to gather the essentials at bedtime.

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Swap: The Ikea Wardrobe

It’s time to bid farewell to our old plastic friend. Great in a pinch, like when you and your significant other find yourselves cohabitating with way more stuff than you thought you had. But 2016 is the year for an upgrade…


Replace With: A Real Dresser

It’s time. Whether your style is more midcentury or modern, there are stylish, storage-heavy dressers practically begging to hold all your denim and socks.

Photography by French By Design

Swap: The Matching Chairs

We know the instinct is to make things match. This adds polish, and a sense of completeness to the room, for sure. But let 2016 be the year you get creative with your seating. Mismatched options can be just as elevated, and we’ll prove it.

Replace With: Mismatched Chairs

Have a little fun here. Committing to dining chairs is a lot easier when you get to commit to more than one, no? Let all aspects of your personal style play out in your seating.

Photography by Emily Beetleshack for The Beetle Shack

Swap: The Platform Bed

They had their moment, didn’t they? There are some that will always love to sleep close to the ground, but if your bed situation is feeling a bit stale, this is the year to make big changes in the bedroom.

Blue Bedroom

Replace With: A Statement Bed

Statement beds are a big deal. They’re an investment, a commitment, and necessary for a good night’s sleep. It’s not a decision to rush, but it is a decision to make. It’s a great opportunity to make a big impact while opening up all sorts of decor options for the room. Bedside tables, above-bed artwork, rugs, etc!

Black and White and Yellow Bedroom
Photography by PAUL COSTELLO

…And if you’re not into the modern or minimalist approach, think vintage! Statement beds have been wowing us for a long time, there aren’t rules about sticking to one genre or another. The key is to get up off the floor and let your personality and taste take the lead.

Photography by JAMES WADDELL

Swap: The Oval, Wooden Dining Table 

If you’ve been longing to add more polish to your dining area, perhaps as you start hosting dinner parties a bit more, think beyond the everyone-has-it basic table. We’d suggest…

Photography by House Beautiful

Replace With: The Glass Statement Table

There’s something a bit more grown up, and entertaining-focused about the glass table. It’s ideal for anyone who loves to change tablescapes right along with the seasons, as glass offers the most neutral canvas possible.