Published on January 27, 2016

Stop pretending you wouldn’t feel like an actual princess in this bed.

Obviously. Who wants a neutral couch anymore?

Stately and storage-focused. This is the furniture equivalent of being a grown up. 

This too, really. 

Sick of playing games on the coffee table?

The most impressive way to add a pop of color. 

We’re really in love with this piece, if we’re telling the truth. 

This is just practical. A good credenza can make a living room, right? 

While we’re at it, we might as well discuss the merits of a last-bookcase-you’ll-ever-need purchase. 

The entryway, the bedroom, the dining room. Every home you live in from now on will have a perfect placement for this. 

And while we’re talking versatility, who says this is only a desk? We could see an entryway or home bar benefitting from this investment quite nicely. 

Meant to be invested in, loved, and passed down. A chic, practically timeless purchase, if you’re so inclined.