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Are you a minimalist?

style tips:   SHOW OFF YOUR BEST When displaying carefully curated pieces, consider relating the objects according to texture or palette. Here, rich earth tones unify the layout.
 EMBRACE WHITE SPACE Give the elements ample room to breathe— not every part of the table surface has to be used. But show intention by grouping pieces and emphasizing the space between them.                    CONCEAL CLUTTER Hide remote controls inside a smart container (like the straw basket) so they’re out of sight but still within reach. A throw in another basket (stash it on the floor underneath if your table lacks.

Are you a maximalist?

style tips:   USE BOOKS AS ANCHORS Go ahead and pile coffee-table books high. Make sure the top volume has visual impact and the assorted bindings don’t clash.
 ASSEMBLE CLUSTERS Shiny, outré objects in traditional materials like crystal and silver deliver a tongue-in-cheek old-school touch. Group some in trays to avoid messiness. VARY THE BULK Incorporating more substantial objects, like this bust, adds drama. Choose pieces with heft and height, and contrast them with significantly smaller—yet still solid—items such as the deck of cards or the weighty glass ball.