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Photography by MYDOMAINE

For every space that requires a stylish storage solution, a clever source of concealment, or simply a textured accent, there’s one decorative piece that can manage to do all that and more. Enter 35 chic and colorful baskets that prove just how versatile this one item can be!

For the eclectic cacti collection, consider a slew of colorfully patterned baskets in contrasting tones to create a truly eye-catching statement.

Photography by AMY BARTLAM

A lone wooden bench paired with a set of navy and leather baskets, and similarly-colorful throw pillows, can instantly transform a bare nook into the ultimate entry.

Photography by Michael Wiltbank

A colorful basket that doubles as a pop of color in a whitewashed space is an effortless embodiment of form and function.

Photography by HOUSENO18

A wire basket by the fireplace is pretty much required to be filled with hand-chopped wood.

Photography by ELENI PSYLLAKI

Ditch the planters housing the garden herbs in favor of a more dynamically textured base. These natural woven baskets will fit right in with the outdoors.

Photography by LOCAL + LEJOS

This mini countertop basket makes for an ultra chic holding spot for serving spoons and cooking utensils!

Photography by AMBER ULMER

The soft make of this woven basket emulates the maple wood accents of this curated nook, contributing a defining layer to the overall decor.

Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

For the faux entryway decked with minimalism in mind, a lone basket (pom pom accents encouraged) can provide all the storage the area could require.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Pass on the plastic filing bins for the home office organization system and instead opt for the more stylish and cohesive alternative: baskets. The naturally-toned storage baskets and bins instantly elevate the effect of this space!


A matching set of two-toned baskets – each serving a unique purpose – extends a defining layer to this style-packed entryway.

Photography by ASHLEY KELEMEN

For the bench-turned-storage shelf, alternate a set of colorful baskets for a more playful and eye-catching twist.

Photography by EZISLIVING

Pair a wire basket with a solid surface for a simple DIY side table!

Photography by AMY BARTLAM

Disguise the standard throw or textile catch-all by opting for a floor piece in a similar tone or make.

Photography by DENOME

In an exclusively streamlined aesthetic, a woven basket in its natural tone will provide the room with some much-needed texture and warmth.


In the clean-cut space that skews towards the Scandinavian aesthetic, consider a sleek wire basket to house the living room’s cozy textiles for a chic contrast in material.


Gone are the days of wrapping paper rolls gone rogue. This subtly patterned basket provides one very reliable method of containment!


No entry is complete without a stylish storage solution and in lieu of the typical console, we’re all for swapping in an eclectic assortment of baskets instead.

Photography by AMY BARTLAM

A two-toned basket stylishly emulates the subdued color scheme of this boho chic living room, cleverly housing a varied mix of contents better left unseen.


For the free-spirited creative, a home office (almost) always goes beyond the standard in terms of the decor. Case in point? The sturdy baskets on the floor that double as filing cabinets!

Photography by INDEGO AFRICA

No kitchen counter would be complete without a basket full of fruits. This accented piece fits right in!

Photography by REMODELISTA

In the whitewashed bedroom that lacks much else in terms of color or decor, a woven pair of baskets can go a long way.

Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT

An adorable pom pom basket doubles as a laundry hamper and a fitting accent piece within the decor.

Photography by AMBER ULMER

For the potted plant that has no place on the floor, consider a simply effortless pairing of a side table and basket.

Photography by NICK JOHNSON

This iconic basket fits right in with the mod decor of this home office, conveniently housing the little ones’ playthings.

Photography by HONESTLY WTF

No basket is safe from a DIY and this pom-tastic revamp is the perfect weekend project to get you in summer mode.

Get the how-to here.


Filter the hanging pot rack in the kitchen with wire-based baskets to balance out the sleekness of the pots and pans.

Photography by DECORPAD

This colorful pair of woven baskets complement an otherwise neutral nursery decor scheme with a refreshing hint of color.

Photography by SERENA AND LILY

Consider it a balancing act – within the muted color scheme of this living room nook, a soft pastel basket provides a complementary note to the blush-toned armchair.

Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT

Can you spot the basket? The teeny, tiny version that sits on the nightstand is perfect for housing trinkets and more!

Photography by TUMBLR

Outfit that lone fiddle leaf fig tree that lurks in the bare corner of the living room with a woven basket for an additional touch of texture to the space.

Photography by KAILEE WRIGHT

Baskets are practically a requirement in the kids’ room – all those toys have to live somewhere. Bonus points for matching the baskets to the color of the decor.

Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT

This colorful pair is perfect for housing everything and anything from towels to toilet paper.


Baskets may make for an ideal toy storage solution but they’re also perfect for displaying the little ones’ prized stuffed animal collection as well!


Pair that vibrantly colorful shelf of yours with an equally eye-catching basket up top.

Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Laundry basket? Who’s to know. This clever guise not only flawlessly conceals an otherwise unsightly laundry room staple, it also provides a vibrant contrast against the bright blue wall.