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1. Use adjustable shelves.

Instead of piling your tech boxes on a table, invest in adjustable shelves that let you split up the big black stack.

2. Reposition the television.

Put your TV low—it’s not a painting—so the screen is at eye level while you’re vegging out.

3. Go for small speakers

(you don’t need huge ones for high quality).

4. Hide wires.

Tuck gangly wires into the grooves on the back of the shelves. (No grooves on yours? Neatly attach along the back with thin strips of packing tape.)

5. Distract with pretty things.

Hide those few inches of cord you just can’t conceal with a couple of strategically positioned vases.

6. Store your DVD collection in covered boxes,

for neatness and privacy (like that copy of The Notebook you once thought you couldn’t live without).

7. Camouflage.

Floral wallpaper is an unexpected, decidedly untechy backdrop. With its winding pattern, this one camouflages any errant cables.

8. Stash your remotes,

in something unexpected like this shiny silver urn.

9. Decorate with magazines.

Pack shelves with lots of magazines (keep them horizontal so they don’t
slouch) and favorite objects. The controlled clutter feels warm and homey—and takes the focus off the tube.