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Some news is so good that we only want to keep it to ourselves. But as the Internet has taught us, hot girls don’t gate-keep, so here you go: There is a place in Los Angeles called Offe Market that sells discounted wares from some of the coolest, Domino-approved brands out there. Think: Dusen Dusen, Baggu, and Atelier Saucier

“Yes, even the cool brands have excess inventory,” says founder Rachel Gannon, who cites shipping issues, seasonality, returns, and customer demand predictions, especially with the economic ups and downs of the past few years. “These are still really great products, and I wanted to create an off-price retailer that showcased them that way.”

Thankfully, Offe Market also has an online store, so we did a little shopping by room for our favorites that are on offer right now. 

For the Kitchen

Your cooking room refresh starts now. From bowls for corralling berries to a chic cutting board to a book that shows you how to put it all together, there’s tons of options at Offe for adding personality and function to your space.

For the Dining Room

You know how working out is so much more fun when you buy new leggings? Similarly, having friends over for dinner is so much less stressful with the right accessories—like cocktail napkins (and dinner ones, too!) plus candles that cast a pretty glow. 

For the Bathroom

A utilitarian room can also be fun when you add bright towels and a cute jar to store makeup brushes and tubes. Offe gets it.

For the Living Room

From Succession Sundays to weeknight meals (just being real here), your lounge space pretty much does it all. So dress it up with items that bring personality but don’t break the bank.