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Those initial weeks of moving into your first apartment is a period of trial and error. It’s not until you realize that your nightstand lamp doesn’t reach the closest outlet or that slicing through pizza with a regular knife is painfully slow that you learn you kind of need a lot of stuff to live on your own. Usually we have to figure it out the hard way, but luckily IKEA is here to spare us from those last-minute trips to the store.

Today, the Swedish retailer released what it’s calling Starter Boxes, or kits that encompass every aspect of dorm life and first-apartment living. There are five package options in total, and while IKEA is marketing them as the perfect gift for students heading off to college in August, we think a few of them are pretty perfect for new grads, too. Here’s a look at what’s inside three of our favorites. 

For When You Need to Shower ASAP on Move-In Day

bath products
Bed and Bath Starter Box, IKEA ($50)

For $50, the Bed and Bath Starter Box gets you going with some hardworking staples, most notably a matte white over-the-door hanger, a set of washcloths with convenient hanging loops, and a fleece bedspread with scalloped edges.  

For Getting in the Groove of Your New Life

starter apartment products
Utility Starter Box, IKEA ($60)

Once you’re ready to get in the routine of chores, consider scooping up the Utility Starter Box ($60). The pack features the kinds of products you’re bound to forget on your first shopping haul, including a lint roller, toilet brush, and power strip, among other hard-working essentials. For good design measure, IKEA also threw in a cute striped laundry basket and a basic floor lamp. 

For Finding Your Inner Cook and Host

cookware products
Cooking and Eating Starter Box, IKEA ($70)

Of course, the real intro to adult life is learning to cook for yourself most nights. The Cooking and Eating Starter Box is arguably the best value. You get a five-piece cookware set, frying pan, utensil set, cutting board, colander, pizza cutter, bowls, plates, flatware, and a few more kitchen staples all for $70.

The final two starter boxes are a 22-piece kit geared toward dorm life (it includes extra goodies not mentioned above like a Frakta shopping bag, dustpan and brush, and shower caddy). And if all you care about is stocking the pantry with chips, gummies, and cookies, we suggest shamelessly snagging the Study Snack Starter Box.