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Silk eye masks, blackout shades, white-noise machines—we’ll buy anything that makes our bedrooms cozier and darker so we can fall asleep ASAP. As it turns out, cats aren’t all that different from us when it comes to dozing off. They prefer to snooze in high-up, hidden spaces that aren’t too cold and aren’t too warm. Oddly enough, an IKEA Kallax shelf can be the perfect place for them—but with one small tweak.

In case you’ve never explored the Swedish retailer’s pet products, let us introduce you to the Lurvig cat house. The $10 find is essentially a 13-by-13-inch fabric box with a cat-size hole in it, and it’s made to fit snuggly in a cubbyhole of a Kallax unit. When you don’t need the box and want to save space, you can open the zipper on the bottom and fold it flat.

IKEA has carried multiple versions of the bed since 2017, including a simple black one, a geometric-patterned one, and a particleboard insert with a cat head–shaped portal, but today the company unveiled an updated one in a trendy shade of baby blue. The color alone is soothing.

This time around, the cozy cat nook is a part of the new Utsadd collection for pets, which will be available online and in stores around the world on April 1. The assortment includes other accessories for both dogs and cats, including anti-slip bowl mats, fabric and rubber toys, an arched scratching post, and more cushy beds that’ll shield your fur babies from the bustle of the house and give everyone the catnap they deserve.