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To celebrate Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, IKEA is launching a glow-filled collection of towels, lanterns (obviously), pillows, servingware, and more. But among the colorful assortment of home items—all inspired by the vibrant embellishments on India’s streets—one shade reigns supreme: marigold. 

The inclusion is intentional, of course. The marigold flower traditionally appears on Diwali garlands, and so designer Luna Gil worked the sunny hue into the line (which launches October 24) in multiple ways: The bud itself appears on bedding; throw pillows evoke the citrusy shade; and patterned bath towels look like they are strewn with the garlands. 

Courtesy of IKEA

Thankfully, the fall shade, which plays well with neutrals and bold colors alike, can go anywhere in your home. Let the towels brighten up a white rental bathroom, or punch up bold bedding with a hit of yellow. And if marigold isn’t your jam, there are plenty of ways in the collection to work a tea candle, which gives off a warm glow no matter where you place it.