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Photography by Yuki Sugiura; Styling by Jennifer Kay

From heavy metals to “forever chemicals,” there are a lot of nasty things lurking in our water, but for something we consume every day, more than half of homeowners admit they’re clueless about what’s in their supply. According to a recent survey conducted by residential safety solutions company Leaf Home, it was revealed that more than 55 percent of respondents have never had their H2O tested. Of those surveyed, nearly a third were unaware of the impact that contamination can have on a home, even though 80 percent of households have hard water. 

The issue doesn’t only cause concern for your health, it also contributes to a host of home-related problems including spotty dishes, dingy laundry, and clogged pipes. In fact, just one grain of calcium or magnesium (the elements typically found with this high-mineral content) per gallon can equal up to 21 pounds of gunk in your plumbing each year. Not to mention, it’s a lot trickier to get through your eight glasses a day when there’s a bitter aftertaste. 

Luckily, there are a few quick fixes to immediately improve the quality of your water. Keeping a filtering pitcher in your kitchen, installing a sleek showerhead in the bathroom, or mounting an undersink solution can easily resolve metallic flavors, soap scum, and cloudy plates within minutes. If you’re interested in making a larger investment, opt for a new fridge with an integrated dispenser or a whole-house system so you can set it up and forget it. While the latter will set you back a couple thousand dollars, the smart splurge will keep things clean and flowing.  

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