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I Found the Ultimate Bath Towels: Ever-Fluffy, Easy to Hang, and 40% Off

A full set will run you just $52.
Morgan Bulman Avatar

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I own a lot of (read: one too many) bath towels. My tiny linen closet is teeming with a full set of Dusen Dusen stripes, waffle weaves from Brooklinen, random buys, and a pair of Nate Berkus for Target designs I can’t seem—don’t want!—to get rid of. But out of my entire collection, not a single one has a handy hanging loop. That’s why when it came to choosing a new set, functionality won over fashion. I had to give Havly a try. 

Yes, I’ve been tempted by Amsterdam-based Autumn Sonata’s pretty patterns, the fun hues of Domino editor-favorite Tekla, Coyuchi’s Mediterranean-inspired styles—the list could go on and on. But Havly’s loop isn’t your run-of-the-mill hanging device; it’s oversize, sturdy, bleachproof, and can offer a subtle pop of color. (While we prefer the neutrality of Blank Slate, Emerald and Zissou Blue also caught our eye.) The loop is designed to fit over any knob or hook—including the brand’s own screw-free, vacuum-suction offering and even the corner of your bathroom door—without slipping. 

Havly Blank Slate Full Set 

Blank Slate Full Set, Havly

$87 $52
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The other reason I was intrigued by Havly? A full set won’t run you more than $100 and includes a generously sized bath towel (30-by-58 inches), a hand towel, and two washcloths. To put that in perspective, a single bath towel from Tekla will run you $75. And right now, that price tag is even less: Everything is 40% off.

More Towels on Sale

Zissou Blue Hand Towel Set, Havly

$30 $18
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Emerald City Bath Towel, Havly

$65 $44
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If a loop isn’t enough to win you over, I hear you. I was also shocked at how plush these towels felt straight out of the box. Despite the cushy feel, they’re still plenty absorbent, which I’m guessing is due to the patent-pending Wünderweave technology using 100% Aegean cotton that the brand touts. To describe them as quick drying might be a stretch, since I’ve noticed that they hold onto water. But after multiple rinse cycles, and even through a heavy-duty dryer, that spongy, fluffy feel has survived, and they do promise to endure 1,000 washes. For now, they’re easily the softest towels I own—and perhaps it’s a sign that the time has come to say goodbye to those years-old buys.