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A signature scent might come in the form of a candle you’ve chosen as a soul mate, a room spray that gives your entryway the aura of your favorite hotel, or incense that makes your bathroom feel like you stepped into a spa.

One recent tour of an art director’s L.A. home reminded us of the power of such a commitment. “One thing I’m quietly proud of is whenever anybody comes in and the first thing they say is, ‘Your house smells really good. What is that?’” he says. He then revealed that after just one visit to the Nickey Keyhoe store, he realized that what was wafting in the air there was what he wanted in his own house. The scent in question is Tucson by Astier de Villatte, which he now stocks next to his marble-clad soaking tub.

Astier de Villatte Incense

ADV incense tucson 2
Astier De Villatte Tucson Incense, Nickey Kehoe ($52)

Astier de Villatte, a Paris staple for nearly 30 years, might be best known for its whimsical, delicate ceramics and stamped plates. But the workshop’s incense is equally sought after, and there’s a reason for that. Each box is made on the Japanese island of Awaji, where incense has been crafted for a thousand years in four stages of production. The 21 scents are named for cities and even more specific geographic locations that crisscross the globe, and every box includes 125 sticks that burn for approximately 30 minutes each. For the price at Nickey Kehoe, that’s comparable to or more affordable than most fancy candles. (Speaking of the cost, almost every other retailer we sourced—like Jayson Home, Catbird, and Abask—has the product marked at $60 or more. Some have scents that Nickey Kehoe doesn’t, so you’ll need to poke around.)

The Tucson scent evokes scenes, and maybe memories, of the Southwest: lightly smoky and sweet aromas of wild grasses, parched wood, immortelle flowers, and red earth. Hard herbs like oregano, rosemary, and thyme mingle with vetiver and patchouli. Could it be your perfect match, too?

Our Favorite Astier de Villatte Scents

It’s not just Tucson that lights us up. Our chief creative officer, Kate Berry, burns Palais de Tokyo daily, and others we’re fond of include the black tea–tinged Namche Bazar, bitter yet fresh Stockholm, and patchouli- and linen-lined Aoyama.