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Our days are punctuated by scouting new talent, attending market appointments, and scrolling Instagram in an effort to unearth the products, people, and news you actually need to know. Here’s what we Slacked one another about this week.

Taste the Rainbow: East Fork x Molly Yeh

Naturally, as a North Carolina native, I consider myself an honorary member of the East Fork fandom—a status that’s since been fortified by the Asheville-based pottery manufacturer’s latest launch. Born out of a happy collaboration with cookbook author Molly Yeh, East Fork’s new Everyday Rainbow Set features six bowls glazed in a kaleidoscope of retired and never-before-seen hues. The candy-colored vessels are sure to spark joy, whether cradling homemade pasta or peeking out from a kitchen shelf. Liz Buxton, commerce director

Sleep Walking: Offhours Overvest

Courtesy of Offhours

They say dress for the job you want, right? Luckily, I already have a pretty dreamy gig: working remotely while writing about the coolest home products on the market. As for my dress code? Most days it includes the Homecoat, essentially a comforter-turned-robe from Offhours, a brand that specializes in “inactive wear for being indoors.” But now that the company just released its first “outside” item, the Overvest, I’m feeling more inspired to take my work on the road. The sleeveless number feels like a superchic sleeping bag—except it would be totally acceptable to wear this one out and about. Fluffy quilting, extra-large pockets (with hidden zippers!), an oversize hood, and a buttery-yet-water-resistant shell make this the ideal transitional piece for fall—and makes my journey from the sofa to the coffee shop so much cozier. Raven McMillan, assistant editor

Slow Burn: The Goodee Candle

In most cases, a candle’s life ends once it’s burned down. But that’s certainly not the case with the Goodee candle. In fact, you’d be crazy not to hold onto the Murano glass container forever. Made in Venice, Italy, each vessel is crafted by expert glassblowers using locally sourced recycled glass. Oh, and they happen to smell incredible, too. The four scents, Mountain, Ocean, Field, and Forest, evoke a sense of serenity that is akin to the ritual of lighting a taper. Talk about a great gift for the holidays! I’ll be picking out fragrances for my friends based on their favorite places in nature. —Julia Stevens, style editor

An Arty Place to Stay: Château Royal

Courtesy of Château Royal

I’m a fan of the shoulder-season vacation, mainly because I’m not a big beach person and my partner and I don’t have children. We often center design, art, cuisine, and long walks in our travels, and a September trip to Copenhagen and Berlin offered all three. I was particularly excited to check out the new art-filled hotel in Berlin’s Mitte district, Château Royal. The property’s warm, inviting interiors were brought to life by Irina Kromayer, and include seating by Christian Haas, handmade craquelé tile, pendant lamps inspired by the Wiener Werkstätte, and oak paneling. We dined at the bar, drinking Grauburgunder from Gabriel Glas wineglasses, and that’s where I spotted the hotel’s creative director, Celia Solf, who had a major hand in bringing every corner to life. —Samantha Weiss-Hills, deputy commerce editor

Pretty Pours: Haand x Chris Kerr-Ayer Glassware 

Courtesy of Haand

I’ve had a crush on Haand’s coffee mugs for what feels like forever—I mean, have you seen the marble-y blue and white swirls of Cloudware? So when I heard the ceramic tableware brand was departing from its typical medium to collaborate with glass artist Chris Kerr-Ayer, my curiosity certainly piqued. Of the three new styles—a highball, bodega-like tumbler, and wineglass—the latter really caught my eye. Cofounder Mark Warren told me the petite yet bulbous body with a barely there stem is inspired by Flemish wineglasses, but it’s versatile enough to hold any pour, from sherry to sake. My favorite part? They’re stackable, which means I won’t have to clear out too much shelf space when I add a pair to my collection at home. —Morgan Bulman, associate commerce editor 

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