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Welcome to “In Our Carts,” a monthly series in which I round up my and other editors’ favorite new product launches. They’re taken straight from our #editors-picks Slack channel, where our team drops the many press releases that fill our inboxes. I sort through them for the best of the best. That way, you can read just about the good stuff—nothing more and nothing less.

Tulip Dropped New Shades of Its Shade

We originally covered Tulip back in November when the brand launched, and the genius no-hardware-needed boob-lamp covers have blown up since. Originally offered in just natural linen, Blossom, Sunlight, and Leaf are now available. Just imagine the chic touch one would add to a kids’ room. 

Ana Kras Launched Teget

Serbian designer and photographer Ana Kras just launched Teget, a furniture and fashion brand. The first collection is called Static Noise and includes cushions and clothing made in collaboration with Unspun, and beyond special Panel lamps that blend collage art with lighting. 

Virginia Sin Introduced the Gami Collection

Once you know that Virginia Sin’s new Gami collection is inspired by the art of paper folding, you can’t unsee the parallel. Imagine how tedious it must be to achieve those soft, ribbonlike curves. 

Kohler Dropped Three New Shades of Green

Tulip isn’t the only brand that gave us green colorways this month. Kohler is leaning into the serene hue, too, with teal, fresh green, and Aspen green glazes for its toilets and sinks. We can’t get enough of the dreamy campaign imagery shot at Flamingo Estate

Comme Si Designed Sleepwear in Liberty Fabric

Made for the sweetest of dreams, Comme Si’s Liberty pajama collection is all we want to wake up in this summer. (We fully encourage wearing it in the wild, too.) The drop includes boxers, pants, and shirts in five classic florals. 

IKEA Released a New Portable Lamp for $12

There are good deals to be had all over the internet, but nothing compares to IKEA. Take this battery-operated lamp; it’s just $12 and could illuminate outdoor dinner parties all summer long. We’re into everything, from the clean elongated cone shape to the rubber string handle. 

Cultiver Introduced the Luna Stripe

We’ve yet to meet a stripe we didn’t like, and we just so happen to love this new one from Cultiver. The Australian linen brand is one of our favorites, so we know the higher price point is worth it. The beachy pattern is available in a lightweight throw blanket and lumbar pillow.  

Herman Miller Reissued a Hot Dog Picnic Poster

Herman Miller just brought back its 1973 employee picnic poster, which was drawn by Steve Frykholm, the company’s in-house designer at the time. While we wish we could have been at the actual party, hanging the fabulous poster in our kitchen will do just fine. 

A $12 Portable Lamp, One Retro-Cool Poster, and Pajamas Fit for the English Countryside
Hot Dog Picnic Poster, Herman Miller ($895)