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String lights, portable lamps, outdoor sconces—these are all the regular suspects we expect to see illuminating patios, backyards, and porches. Floor lamps? Not so much. Aside from concerns about stability and longevity, cords and power are a conundrum to deal with. But with the increase in indoor-outdoor living over the past several years, resulting in our living rooms spilling onto yards and balconies, there’s something to be said for more permanent light fixtures outside—or at least a spot for a movable one to land.

Outdoor furniture brand Neighbor is betting that its newest release will scratch that itch: The all-weather Acorn lantern, a portable and rechargeable outdoor lamp, and its elegant partner, Stand, debuted today.

Neighbor Acorn Lantern

Throughout the design process, Neighbor’s team was looking for a way to expand on their dining and seating collections that made people want to linger and relax.

“We knew we needed some type of light that lends itself to quick changes in use,” explains Gene Bunger, senior industrial designer at Neighbor and the Acorn creator. “The overall shape and construction, particularly the ergonomic stem handle, were heavily inspired by nature, both in its shape and functionality.” That handle (and its removable rope) makes the piece easy to carry and ready to hang, as it slides in and out from the stand to be used on other surfaces. “In my testing, I found the leash convenient for lighting the dark trees in the corners of my yard where I don’t have fixed lighting,” says Bunger. 

Courtesy of Neighbor

How the piece would withstand the elements was considered from the get-go. According to Bunger, water and dust protection were critical, especially to achieve an IP65 rating (an international standard that indicates an electrical enclosure is dust-tight and watertight). Material choice was paramount for wind protection and stability, too, which is why a 1/4-inch-thick steel plate was used on the stand. The team chose solid machined aluminum over plastic for the lantern’s handle in hopes of avoiding breakage when it inevitably weathers a tumble.

As for the glow, Acorn’s LED is dimmable and will last up to eight hours at full brightness or up to 24 hours on lower light settings. (For the lighting geeks out there, it’s 200 lumens.) That means you can create cocktail party ambience or illuminate a snack table with just a quick tap, and then leave it for quite some time.

More New Neighbor Launches

The Acorn collection isn’t the only Neighbor launch of late. The brand recently introduced metal to its dining portfolio with the XY Dining collection, which includes a welded, powder-coated steel round table and chairs in five earthy colors. The chairs are available in arm or armless versions, and (bonus) they’re stackable. Additionally, two new solid teak benches have come onto the scene: one that pairs with the Haven furniture collection and another quite perfectly fit for an entryway or front porch.

Neighbor XY Dining Collection

Neighbor Teak Benches