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We’ll buy sculptural wicker pool chaises, invest in stylish windproof umbrellas, and serve burgers on colorful Splatterware, but still most of us will choose to have boring gray flagstone or red brick terracotta underfoot. Why the disconnect? It’s not for a lack of loving our outdoor spaces. Truthfully, it’s because other options usually aren’t on our radar. Clé Tile realized homeowners, architects, and even landscape designers were missing out on creative alternatives, so the brand recently launched OUTERclé, a website dedicated to the company’s outdoor-friendly products. If you’re gearing up for a pool reno, this is a solid place to start: OUTERclé features one of the most extensive collections of pool tile we’ve ever seen.

Here are a few of the unexpected materials we uncovered on the new platform (and where we’d use them). 

High-Contrast Terrazzo for the Outdoor Kitchen

terrazzo tile
Dolce Vita Terrazzo: Torrone I, OUTERclé ($33.95 per square foot)

You can essentially use terrazzo anywhere outside, but we’re suckers for it as a backsplash or countertop in a cooking setting. Grilling hot dogs just feels a little more sophisticated with this speckled composite around.

Lush Green Terracotta for the Pool

green tile
Eastern Expression, OUTERclé ($21.95 per square foot)

Everyone will expect to see reddish orange terracotta lining your walkway. They won’t see it coming at the bottom of the pool—especially in a shade of Kelly green. Psst: The result will look a lot like the zen plunge pool at this Venice, California, home

Sandy-Hued Stone for the Driveway 

hex paver tiles
Pemberley Pavers, OUTERclé ($63.95 per square foot)

Not sure what materials work where? Navigate to the “Areas” section on OUTERclé’s home page and you’ll see that the company has broken everything down for you. The driveway options are particularly inspiring: No black asphalt here, just stone pavers that come in light, soothing shades. 

Volcanic Ash–Glazed Tiles for the Garden 

brown tile
ExCinere By Formafantasma, OUTERclé ($161.25 per square foot)

In the mix, you’ll also find exclusive products like the ExCinere collection by FormaFantasma, which uses volcanic lava in its manufacturing process. While the tiles aren’t suitable for exterior floors, they are perfect for fountains and furniture (OUTERclé carries a coffee table and side table made from the tiles). 

Gradient Cement for the Patio

blue tiles
Colore Frattura, OUTERclé ($20.90 per square foot)

So what should you lay down on the patio? Meet the brand-new Colore Frattura line. The tiles (available in 2-by-6-inch or 4-by-4-inch formats) are inspired by Clé’s beloved ceramic zellige tile, except these matte cement versions are much more durable. 

Modern Breeze Blocks for the Fence

breeze blocks
Belgian Reproduction Privé, OUTERclé ($47 per square foot)

If you’ve got a spacious backyard and aren’t sure how to make it cozier: breeze blocks. If you want to hang out in your front yard without feeling like the neighborhood is watching you: breeze blocks. They are the ultimate room divider to make the outdoors even greater.