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Here’s a confession: I can’t do anything before my first coffee—it’s so bad I often save a serving from the previous day’s brew, then pop it in the fridge so it’s already on deck in the morning. It’s my pre-coffee iced coffee, and the bleary-eyed 6 a.m. version of myself thanks yester-me every time. When I heard about Bruvi, a single-serve brewer that launched late last year, it had my attention with promises of customization options, seven beverage choices, and, most important, remote brewing capabilities, meaning I could start a batch from bed. Maybe this could turn me into a functional human without my secret stash. 

Inside the box, the Bruvi was wrapped in a Japanese knot canvas bag that added an extra element of luxury to the unboxing process (and a lot less cardboard). Right now, the machine only comes in one color: a creamy off-white with blond wood accents that makes it feel more like decor than a device. Like most single-serve brewers, it was fairly simple to set up: Plug it in, fill the tank with water, run a rinse cycle, and you’re ready to go. One (optional) extra step involves snapping the included charcoal filtration system into the 70-ounce reservoir. As a water snob, I love having the option to pour right from the tap and know I’m still getting a clean start for my morning cup. 

But the absolute best part (aside from the fact that it’s nearly $200 off for Amazon Prime Day)? The Bruvi has got range. It can pump out espresso, coffee, matcha lattes, and steaming hot water for my loose-leaf teas in seconds. In addition to the beverage variety, the technology is impressive for a pod-style machine. Once you insert a B-Pod (the first and only fully biodegradable pods, by the way), drink-specific options appear on a screen the size of an iPhone Plus. With regular coffee, for example, I can choose one of six sizes, my temperature (hotter, or cooler for an iced coffee that won’t melt the cubes), the strength, and whether I want less acid for a smoother sip—all without a busy barista judging my multi-hyphenate order. Plus this one machine has replaced my need for a French press and my single-serve espresso machine, which I’ve previously used for separately depending on my drink choice. Most important, the coffee is actually good

In the past, I’d set up old drip machines to percolate around 6:30 a.m. each day, but my body clock is never on the same page as my planner. My eyes either spring open at 5 or I’m hitting the snooze button until 9—that means waking up to nothing at all or a pot that’s already gone cold. Bruvi solves that dilemma by becoming part of my wind-down routine each evening. After I make my sleepy-time tea, I put my mug in place and pop in a pod (right now, I’ve got Wonderland’s Euphoria Espresso on auto-ship) before heading to bed. On days I wake up with an alarm, I schedule my brew in tandem. If I get up naturally, I simply roll over and hit “brew” on the Wi-Fi-connected app, and my Americano is ready before I can slide into my house slippers.

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bruvi coffee machine with single-brew pods
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