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Whether it’s the scattered toys, fur on every surface, or occasional accidents, maintaining a tidy home can feel like an uphill battle with a four-legged family member around. But ask any pet parent and they’d never trade the snoot boops and unconditional love for anything. We would, however, try as many products as possible to find a happy medium between cuddles and cleanliness. Here, our pet-owning editors share the scoop on tried-and-true tools for a hygienic living space. 

For Post-Walk Wipe-Downs: Huckberry Turkish Towel

Turkish towels have become a go-to for Samantha Weiss-Hills, Domino’s managing shopping editor. Elsa, her beagle-corgi mix, has a set for dry-offs after rainy walks, mud puddles, and other messy moments. They’re absorbent, quick drying, inexpensive, and look nice hanging on a hook, Weiss-Hills says. 

For Freshening Up in Between Baths: Dog by Dr Lisa Wipes and Calm Cologne

While you probably wouldn’t spritz your pupper with actual perfume, Dog Colognes by Dr Lisa are safely formulated with ingredients (primarily 100% plant-based, nontoxic essential oils) that moisturize their skin and coat while reducing the wet-dog smell. In addition to a rub-down with the Dog Wipes, Domino’s associate editor, Raven McMillan, uses them both in between grooming days. “My red heeler–boxer mix, Banksy, gets a wipe and a spritz after a long walk, or a mist on her bed after laundry day,” she says. “The soothing scent of lavender and chamomile feels like a little spa moment for both of us.”

For Fur-Free Sofas…: Chom Chom Pet Hair Roller

A regular lint roller is fine for clothes, but for chairs, sofas, and bedding, our art director, Brit Ashcraft, says this Amazon find is unmatched. (Drew Barrymore is also a fan.) It pulls all of the hair and debris into its own container that’s easy to dump when you’re done. “I’ve used a bunch of others that were wasteful, don’t work well, or snag upholstery,” Ashcraft says. “This is the winner.”

…And Floors: Dyson Pet Grooming Kit

During the never-ending cycle of cleaning up tumbleweeds of stray fur, every pet parent has thought at least once: Would it be so bad if I actually just vacuum the dog? Dyson’s Pet Grooming Kit actually encourages it. The $69 package comes with a stretchy 3-foot hose and a slicker brush attachment that smooths and sucks up hair simultaneously. It works on all of Dyson’s cordless models, and as long as your pup can handle the humming of the motor, you can look forward to far less fur falling to your floors with regular use. 

For Managing Muddy Paws: Dandylion Clean Paws No-Rinse Cleanser

This paw washer works like a dream for photo editor Meghan McNeer’s low-riding corgi, Niles. It suds up easily and has nimble silicone bristles that make navigating his marshmallowy toe pads easy. As a side note, she says the company’s customer service is also top-notch. A shipping debacle was swiftly corrected with an expedited replacement at no cost after being brought to its attention. 

For Corralling Chew Toys: WAAM Industries Wood Milk Crates

Because Banksy hasn’t yet caught on to the idea of putting away her toys, McMillan turned to a birch plywood crate that she flipped upright next to the sofa. It’s easy to kick runaway balls and plushies into the opening when company is over, and as a bonus, it also works as an unconventional side table with a nostalgia-meets-modern design. 

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