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When it comes to chic pet furnishings, it’s no secret that dogs and cats dominate the market. Rabbit owner Jeni Nguyen is set on changing that with the launch of Bink Rabbit Goods, a first-of-its-kind line created to give free-roam house bunnies (and their humans) a more harmonious and stylish way to live. 

The idea for Bink stemmed from a series of frustrations. Mainly, Nguyen’s house was a mess. “I was seriously drowning in hay,” says the designer, who shares her home with two rescues, Elvis and Betty. “And NIC grids and X-pens didn’t really fit with my aesthetic.” Of course, giving up her beloved bunnies wasn’t an option, so she tapped into her design and architecture background to create chic litter-box covers that, from far away, look like chic furniture. “I wanted a better solution that didn’t exist,” she says. “So I created it.” The collection includes just two pieces: a credenza starting at $5,995 and a bench for $4,195.

Nguyen worked closely with a rabbit-savvy veterinarian to make sure the pieces would be supersafe. Both products are made out of Baltic birch plywood (cedar or pine can be harmful to rabbits), are finished with natural hard wax oil, and feature chew-proof metal hay feeders. The interiors are waterproof and easily wipeable, while still providing plenty of traction for furry feet. 

The response from fellow rabbit owners has been overwhelmingly positive, but there has been some sticker shock. Nguyen’s argument? “Bunnies can easily live for 10 years with proper care,” she says. “For us, it’s worth it.” The products don’t just contain the mess. Each piece is intended to create a better bond between you and your rabbit. Previously, Betty and Elvis were relegated to their own room in Nguyen’s house. “When they were tucked away, they didn’t seem to love me back despite how hard I tried,” she shares. “They’re so much more affectionate after I moved their setup to the living room.” And while there is plenty of space inside the cubbies for them to rest (Nguyen’s fur babies love to nap in the credenza), they’re not meant to be full-time enclosures. “Those legs were made to run and hop and play!” she says. “It’s their own special space within our home where they know they won’t be bothered.”