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IKEA’s streamlined Scandi silhouettes are part of the allure for many—unless you’re a self-proclaimed maximalist. Then they’re mainly a reminder the store isn’t for you. And yet, Bemz, the Stockholm-based company that’s been crafting chic, slip-on IKEA disguises since 2005, never gave up on those all-frills shoppers. Meet the just-launched Modest Maximalist collection.

In contrast to its recently launched Minimalist options, Bemz’s new line appeals to those who prefer their sofa to come with a touch—okay, a healthy dose—of drama. Among the seven just-released covers, you’ll find big texture (think: nubby wool and rustically woven cotton) and generous volume in the form of floor-length ruffles and crisp pleats. Recycled linen is the hero textile here, but natural fibers like hemp and sustainable synthetics such as Rolefin also make an appearance. Soft, earthy shades keep the color palette from going too over the top, although a few happy accents of pastel blue and yellow did make the cut.

There there’s the patterned seating. The striped bouclé or check linen fabrics are more forgiving with stains and rely less heavily on throw pillows to pack a punch. For those who want to go all in, take a cue from this cottage in Michigan, where the secret to pulling off a room layered with textures and prints is in going rogue with one element (ahem, the sofa). Whether or not that means putting a skirt on yours is up to you.