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Patio paver ideas are plentiful in these parts. We’re talking brick in all the right places and poolsides that have loads of personality. There’s contrasting colors and materials, too. We’ll challenge you: Why not lay down a basket-weave pattern in a small area to keep things interesting, or skip the sidewalk vibe and paint a concrete patio any color you want? These five patios show that there’s more than meets the eye with paver design, placement, texture, and color, whether you place them horizontally, vertically, or both.

Mix and Match Concrete

Los Angeles–based writer Camilla Blackett’s backyard steps and walkway are a prime example of how you can upgrade a standard gray concrete patio with paint and a simple symmetrical paver arrangement. To get this visually striking look, designate an area to paint using a design that complements the rest of the patio (stencils are a great resource to draw geometric patterns if you’re not into free-hand), then lay two side-by-side rows of medium-size concrete pavers to create a narrow path to the yard.

Outline in Brick

Large concrete pavers and brick borders give Emma Beryl’s New Orleans pool patio a bit of pizzazz: The color contrast between the two materials and the light gray and reddish hue of the lounge chairs pair well without coming off too matchy-matchy. Want to give your showstopping pool the backdrop it deserves? Work the brick into a retaining wall to highlight the area. A color balance tip: Choose a light-hued concrete that helps the patio skew less dark and shadowy.

Go All Black

This historic London home’s patio turns distinguished black brick into a paver, which matches the minimalist black metal–framed glazed doors. The vertical placement of the stair and walkway pavers helps guide the eye toward the lush yard and garden. To re-create a similar look, pair bold and neutral shades of brick with windows and dark frames for overall cohesion.

Commit to Contrast

Basket-weave-patterned brick pavers set against crisp white paint is the eye-catching moment at Backdrop founders Natalie and Caleb Ebel’s Spanish-style Los Angeles home (yes, the wall color is from Backdrop; it’s Supermoon). The white table helps the terracotta shades stand out and, with the cacti, gives the space a cool desert vibe.

Tone It Down

Achuli Design founders Ulrich “Uli” Jänen and Judith Odhanjo don’t shy away from color; just look at the interiors of their Nairobi home. The couple’s patio is also a cornucopia of richly toned accents, all grounded by rustic concrete pavers. The washed-out appearance keeps the focus on the punchy furniture from the duo’s own line, patterned tablecloth, and striking planters. Mimic this lively look with a slightly faded flooring that won’t overwhelm the patio with too many bright shades.

After It’s Built: