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Giving a standard concrete patio a glow-up requires more than routine power washing and resurfacing—you need paint for a true transformation. And think of it this way: Experimenting with paint colors is a more affordable alternative to laying tile and less cumbersome than an outdoor rug. You could attempt to free-hand a design, but we recommend that newbies rely on stencils. Get some creative direction from these five concrete paint patio ideas. 

Stick Close to Home

Don’t want to commit days on days to coating your entire patio? Designate a small area for your painted concrete tile work, then fill in the surrounding space with gravel, like designer Thaynà Alves did with Los Angeles–based writer Camilla Blackett’s kitchen garage patio.

Re-create Your Favorite Interior Tile

Designer Rosie Whitmore hand-painted black, white, and gray streaks on her conservatory floor to mimic the chips in terrazzo tile. The trio of colors bring depth to the original flat flooring and subtly nod to the dark window and doorframes. Use small strips of painter’s tape as a template or free-hand it.

Play Hopscotch With Color

Bird owner Jennifer Mankins used desert-inspired shades with sparing pops of cobalt to create a visually striking painted concrete walkway at the boutique’s Los Angeles location.

Go Big—And Pastel

An idea for the maximalists: Leave no concrete tile unpainted, like this Kansas City pool patio’s gorgeous custom Studio Proba floor mural. Founder Alex Proba typically wings it, but you can re-create the large-scale treatment in a smaller space with a combination of pastels and a pencil, her preferred way to plan things out when it’s necessary.

Alternate Broad, Bright-Colored Stripes

Photography Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

To up the charm factor of this pergola-covered dining area, sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess used painter’s tape to map out their design (it won’t stick, but it’ll give you an outline to follow, they note). Just make sure each stripe dries fully before moving on to the next to prevent smearing.

Simply the Best Paints:

This article originally stated that Alex Proba uses 3D visualizations for her projects. However, in most cases, she freehands her work. We corrected the statement on July 25.