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It’s hard to resist imagining your next major home improvement when scrolling through the bottomless pit that is TikTok, but when it comes to Kelly Wearstler, we simply can’t help it. The veteran interior designer recently took to the app to share her latest paint tip: Forget solid colors and “go graphic.” The video, set to a catchy tune, showcases a dining space with striped yellow walls (think: elevated Willy Wonka). While obsessing over this funky diagonal arrangement, we spotted one detail that takes it to the next level.

“Don’t forget to paint the window frames and mullions,” Wearstler revealed in the post’s caption. The citrusy lines extend from the walls to the grilles. This small yet easily overlooked touch creates the illusion of dimension and, on a basic level, makes the room truly cohesive.

You might be wondering how you go about painting window frames. Well, according to Chris and Julia Marcum, the design bloggers behind Chris Loves Julia, no steady hand is required—just a liquid mask and some peeling: Apply the solution to the glass panes so there’s ample room for mess-ups and wait until that has dried. Then go ahead and paint without worrying about staying in between the lines. After that has dried, break the seal around the edges with a razor blade and peel off the residue. Whether you’re bringing in stars, spots, or stripes, just remember: Window frames totally change the game.