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The centuries-old Chinese practice of feng shui is commonly thought of as rearranging your furniture or belongings to create a better energy flow. Third-generation expert Clara Leung wants to clarify that notion. “It’s about balancing the different energies,” she explains. Leung rarely deals with sofas and dining tables—she operates with her green thumb instead. “Plants can help change and improve your career, relationship, and mental health,” she says. “There’s nothing they don’t affect.” Since she was 5 years old, Leung has been learning the foundations of the ancient practice from her mother. Now she’s passing them down to her son—and anyone who buys her plant kits

While traditional feng shui focuses on placement, plant feng shui is more about the type of greenery. “Having the right environment comes second,” she explains. Ahead, Leung guides us through the rooms we spend the most time in and which plants can not only soothe and reenergize, but completely transform the vibe of each. 

For the Shower Singers

“Consistently, the bathroom has the worst energy,” Leung says, especially if there aren’t any windows. Associated with loss (both emotional and monetary), the constant downstream of water from the shower is the major culprit. To offset these damp surroundings, Leung recommends a heart philodendron to encourage openness or a ZZ plant to attract luck.  

For the Amateur Chefs

The kitchen is the room people gravitate toward the most for a reason: It represents community and closeness (not to mention good food). However, because of the constant cooking, Leung says the air can get literally contaminated with oils, smoke, and the like very quickly. “Always have a spider plant,” she says. “It purifies toxic air, which is essential for spaces we use every day.” Bonus: It can thrive in low-light spaces.

For the Homebodies

Leung insists that almost any type of plant can be beneficial in a living room and bedroom, it just depends on your priorities. For those looking to maximize their bank accounts, a money tree or a ficus Moclame can help manifest the big bucks, while a philodendron Birkin is ideal for those recovering from an illness (or just sore fitness enthusiasts) thanks to its healing and revitalizing properties.