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There’s a lot you can get at Costco: a year’s worth of toilet paper, Internet-famous sweatpants, a 64-ounce jar of mayonnaise. Now you can add a chic outdoor gym-slash-office to the list. This week, the bulk retailer launched the Sunvilla Milton room, a 10-by-12-foot structure that you can put up in your backyard in just a weekend.

Courtesy of SunVilla
Courtesy of SunVilla

The sloped-roof aluminum structure comes with tempered glass panels and two sets of sliding doors, which makes it an easy-breezy choice for summertime hangs. Two of the panels are removable and can be replaced with the included screens, though it works for year-round weather, too. (There are even gutters!) And the price is just right: While some ADU-like studios start at well over $200,000, this one is just $4,500. It’s worth noting that pricey accessory dwelling units usually have cooking areas and bathrooms, though, and keep in mind that this one doesn’t come with a floor, so you’ll need a stable surface to place it on. 

SunVilla Milton 10' x 12' Outdoor Suite
SunVilla Milton 10′ x 12′ Outdoor Suite, Costco ($4,500)

What we love most is the flexibility: You can use the space as a gym (it will fit a Peloton and then some), an art studio, an office, or even a weatherproof outdoor dining room. Thankfully, the structure is simple enough to be unobtrusive, and because of all its windows, almost blends into the great outdoors.

Update: Since we published this story, the SunVilla Milton Outdoor Suite has sold out, but we hear it will be restocked in mid-May.

Courtesy of SunVilla