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We won’t take full responsibility for the SunVilla Milton Outdoor Suite selling out at Costco, but we have a hunch we’re partially to blame for the chic ADU-like structure flying off the shelves. Earlier this month, we broke the news that the bulk retailer had launched the 10-by-12-foot sloped-roof unit. Less than a week later, it was gone. Since then, our deputy editor, Julie Vadnal, who wrote about the hidden Costco gem, has been fielding Instagram DMs from readers who still very much want one. “Pretty soon, people will stop me on the street and ask, ‘Are you the woman who wrote the Costco SunVilla story?!’” she joked in our team Slack channel. 

We have promised to keep you all updated on its return in mid-May, and we’ll stick to it. In the meantime, we thought we’d bring a few other outdoor structures to your attention. Specifically, greenhouses. Costco carries more of them than you’d expect, and a handful have decent reviews. As we learned last time, run—don’t walk.

If You’re Not Working With a Ton of Acreage

wood greenhouse
Yardistry 7.8’ x 6.7′ Greenhouse, Costco ($1,500)

Measuring a little under 8-by-7 feet, this tongue-and-groove–paneled greenhouse is ideal for petite backyards. Don’t let its size fool you, though, there’s plenty of room inside to maximize space for plants, as it comes with a wide lower shelf and 8-inch-wide upper one that stretches across two sides of the unit. With two people working on the assembly, it should take between 10 and 12 hours to get up and running.

If You Prefer to See Your Plant Babies at All Times

News & Trends photo
Palram Canopia Harmony 6′ x 8′ Greenhouse with Starter Kit, Costco ($750)

The clear polycarbonate panels in between this one’s rust-resistant aluminum framing promise nothing but jungle-worthy views all summer long. And if you go on vacation, you won’t have to worry about any unwanted visitors getting inside: The hinged door is lockable. The structure arrives ready to assemble with predrilled profiles and precut sliding panels (yay!), so the brand estimates four to 12 working hours (with two to three people) for assembly.

If You Need to Tend to Your Pots Year-Round

clear greenhouse
Exaco Riga XL Professional Greenhouse, Costco ($12,000 was $14,500)

One of Costco’s pricer greenhouse offerings, this structure features triple-walled panels for maximum insulation against winter cold and summer heat, meaning you can extend your growing seasons. It’s also one of the largest options, with the Dutch doors alone measuring 37 inches wide so you can easily pop in with your wheelbarrow. 

If You Want to Feel Transported While You Work

green framed greenhouse
Exaco Royal Victorian Glass Greenhouse, Costco ($9,000)

Fuel your obsession with English gardens by plopping this dreamy greenhouse outfitted with a green powder-coated aluminum frame, tempered glass, and decorative roof finials into your backyard. Psst: For all the brown thumbs out there, we love this one as an option for alfresco dining. 

If You’re Still Deciding Between Greenhouse or Breezy Sitting Room

hexagon green house
Palram Canopia Oasis Hexagonal Greenhouse, Costco ($1,250)

With its high eaves, crystal-clear side panels, side louver window, and integrated gutter system, this hexagon-shaped one started to remind us of the beloved SunVilla Milton Outdoor Suite—just a smaller and cheaper version.