Spotted: Our Mediterranean-Inspired Dream Sofa, Courtesy of Zara Home

You can’t buy it, but you can DIY it.

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Zara Home has a knack for dreaming up the most transportive collections. Whether it’s showcasing a rustic holiday tablescape or a sunset-hued desert home, each one of the retailer’s editorials have us ready to book a ticket to whatever idyllic location it spotlights. High Summer, Zara Home’s newest line, is no exception. With crisp, lightweight linens, natural textures, and elevated neutrals, it is bringing us right to the Greek islands.

While you can shop almost everything from the dreamy collection, there’s one custom aspect we can’t stop thinking about: The built-in sofa. It’s the star of the living room, made up of cushions covered in an ochre linen that sit perched on a slab of concrete. It’s simple, it’s sophisticated, and it’s the perfect spot to recline luxuriously in the sun—presumably while someone feeds you grapes while fanning you with a palm leaf.

These concrete platform sofas are super-common in the Mediterranean, especially in Greece. Typically, the base is made of either cement or plywood, and the style can be used for sofas and beds alike. While you can’t buy this rustic piece at Zara Home, you can use the colors and materials found in the retailer’s summer collection to create your own.

Photo Courtesy of Zara Home

If you’re renovating, go the concrete route, adding a platform of cement to a sunny spot in your house to serve as the base. For a more user-friendly version of this sofa, turn to wood: Pick up slabs of plywood or birchwood at Home Depot, cut them to size, and DIY a bespoke topping—editor Arlyn Hernandez shows a great mini example of this in her L.A. home.

For the cushion, try your hand at a French tufted mattress or opt to simply upholster your pillows. Taking inspiration from the warm, earthy tones and raw materials found in Zara Home’s catalog, here are a few of our favorite fabrics to kick-start your design:

Dashes Fabric in Soft Tangerine

Rebecca Atwood

Rust Linen, Etsy ($20.43+)




Blocks Rust


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