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Now is not the time to stress about uniformity. ’Tis the season for messy kitchens and layered reading nooks; for warm colors and vintage-inspired bits and bobs that feel so much more charming than sleek accents. If you’re ready to fully lean into the cottagecore aesthetic this fall, allow Zara Home to help. The retailer just released a new catalog full of all the ochre accessories and cozy linens you could ever want. 

Zara shot the editorial at the Scottish Highlands home of Isabella Cawdor, a fashion stylist and editor whose historic Drynachan Lodge features 19th-century furniture and printed wallpaper in nearly every room. “It’s where we gather with family and friends to have fun, relax, and enter in the bubble of the holiday spirit,” writes Cawdor. She styled the space with plenty of scattered vessels and subtle pattern mixing—and while a lot of her treasures are antique, there are plenty of Zara pieces that are available to shop right now. 


Courtesy of Zara Home

Courtesy of Zara Home

Ready to give your home an autumnal makeover? It all starts with a few simple additions.

Refresh Your Dinnerware Cupboard

Floral Earthenware Soup Plate, Zara Home ($10)

These floral earthenware dishes deserve to be shown off in open shelving or behind glass doors—the delicate pattern is the perfect backdrop to soup season. 

Swap Art for Hanging Textiles

Kitchen Towel, Zara Home ($18)

All you need are a couple nails to make a set of green linen tea towels the focal point of your kitchen’s walls. They even come with a brown leather loop for an extra dose of texture. 


Sprinkle a Few Ambience Boosters Around

Tapers are for more than just the dinner table. Place these caramel-colored candles in any empty corner for an easy finishing touch. 

Go Analog 

Retro-Style Scale, Zara Home ($70)

Migrate your cutting-edge kitchen appliances south for the winter, and instead prop this retro scale directly on your countertop. You’ll need something to help you expertly measure flour for all that sourdough, right? 

Warm Up a White Sofa

Embroidered Throw Pillow, Zara Home ($60)

Ask yourself: Is that something my grandma would have in her house? If the answer is yes (like this elegant embroidered coral throw pillow), then congratulations! It’s cottagecore. 

Give Your Stovetop Some Eye Candy

Berghoff Cast Iron Pot, Zara Home ($149)

Even if the most you’ll be flexing your culinary skills this season is heating up takeout curries, do it with flair. This tomato red (and über affordable) cast-iron pot is the ultimate slow-cooking staple; even the simple act of stirring sauce in it will make you feel like Julia Child. 


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