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Nothing says summer like the sweltering heat, and no place brings the heat quite like the desert. Between the recent rise of southwest style and rusty terra-cotta hues, our favorite home brands are trading in their tropical fixations for the arid landscape. In anticipation for warmer weather, we’re looking to Zara Home’s 2019 summer editorial to transform our homes into natural wonders.

Drawing on an established set of earthy tones and natural fibers, the fashion-forward brand’s newest collection encapsulates the beauty of a desert getaway. While we aren’t particularly surprised to see desolate landscapes gaining momentum (Sherwin-Williams dubbing “Cavern Clay” as 2019’s color of the year was our first clue), Zara Home’s edgy take pushes the southwest movement one step further.

Grainy whites, scorched yellows, and bare surfaces all signal that desert living is moving in a textured direction. Set within the walls of an uninhibited escape, these three trends reign supreme in Zara Home’s sunny summer editorial. Read on for three standout looks we’re loving and how to bring them home.


Grainy Whites

courtesy of zara home

White has long been regarded as a staple for summertime. Out in the desert, the neutral hue isn’t so crisp. Instead, its purity has been replaced with a sense of grittiness that evokes a tiring trek through the sand dunes.

zara vase
Rattan Rim Decorative Bottle, Zara Home ($50)

Never have two worlds collided so gracefully. The addition of rattan around the rim of this vase lends a softness that its sturdy ceramic structure can’t achieve on its own.

zara dish
Irregular-Shaped Earthenware Dessert Plate, Zara Home ($15)

White table settings can often feel stuffy and formal. These irregular, speckled plates promise to keep a dinner party down to earth.

zara bowl
Marble Mini Bowl, Zara Home ($15)

Thanks to its petite size, this gritty bowl can go on just about any shelf or table. Use it as a ring dish on the vanity or for seasonings on the breakfast table.


Scorched Sunset

courtesy of zara home

The sun tends to leave a lasting impression in sweltering climates, and this time around, it shows. From dinnerware to bedding, milky yellows and terra-cottas have been toasted to perfection.

zara blanket
Mohair Blanket Long Fringe, Zara Home ($249)

When the sun begins to set on a cool summer night, this gradient throw blanket will ease you into bed as the temperatures drop.

zara glassware
Square Tined Glass Tumbler, Zara Home ($6)

Colored glassware is at the top of our decor list for the rest of 2019. Embrace two trends at once with these burnt orange tumblers.

zara bottle
Terra-cotta Decorative Bottle, Zara Home ($70)

Look close enough and you’ll spot hundreds of grains of sand on the surface of this terra-cotta bottle. Guests will think you sourced this archaic novelty straight for the earth.


Bare Bones

courtesy of zara home

No staining or paint here: Woods and wovens have been left to live in their most natural state. This organic quality brings with it a sense of calm. Channel the rawness of an isolated escape with the objects below.

zara stool
Criss-Cross Seat Stool, Zara Home ($199)

Park this simple stool next to the bathtub for a private spa-like experience or share your treasure with the world in the living room as extra seating.

zara basket
Round Woven Basket, Zara Home ($139)

Parade your finest farmers market finds like a true scavenger by corralling fruits and veggies in this woven basket.

zara wood
Decorative Wooden Object, Zara Home ($50)

As a catchall on the entryway console table, this wooden bowl will double as a serene home for your wallet and keys.


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