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Known for its frigid temperatures and tendency to blanket cities in snow, winter is not usually considered an ideal time to host a wedding. Yet, ever year, thousands of couples tie the knot in the wintertime — embracing the cold by incorporating it into their nuptials.

If you’re recently engaged, or just planning ahead, here are 18 reasons why you should have a winter wedding next year.

winter wonderland

Wedding photos are simply more beautiful when taken in the middle of a snowscape.

let it snow

While rain can easily put a damper on a wedding, falling snow is elegant and romantic. Not to mention that it makes for the perfect wedding shot!

one horse open sleigh

If you’re planning to have a wedding at a somewhat secluded venue, you can have a horse drawn sleigh ready to transport your guests so they don’t have to trudge through the snow — not something you would see at a summertime wedding!

In addition to transportation, the sleigh can also be used for photos after the wedding.

fur for days

Unlike summer weddings, the addition of a faux fur coat to the bridal party outfits is totally an option.

pinecone details

At a winter wedding you can definitely get away with wearing a little branch of evergreen and a pine cone on your tuxedo lapel.

all the flowers!

Pale bouquets are the perfect winter wedding staple. Hurray!

it’s all about the color

Virtually every color palette — from dark maroon to ice blue — works for winter weddings.

let them eat cake

Only at a winter wedding could you get away with decorating your cake like a birch tree and topping it with winter-themed items.

wreaths are your friend

Decorating the walls, chairs, table, and even cake with wreaths is totally acceptable at a winter wedding.

wintertime tablescape

Wedding tablescapes are beautiful in and of themselves, but winter wedding tablescapes are exceptionally gorgeous (in our opinion, anyway).

winter minimalism 

Even minimalist wedding decorations look gorgeous (and the ones featured in the photo are DIY)!

let there be light

You can never, ever have too many candles at a winter weddings — of course, just make sure your guests are super careful if you aren’t using faux-flames.

bring nature indoors

Winter weddings let you embrace the use of winter-associated fauna, like pine trees, firs, and evergreens.

cozy textiles

Winter weddings allow you more freedom to decorate your venue with cozy textiles, like these blanket covered chairs.

flakes falling

Only at a winter wedding could you get away with making it look as though it is snowing at your reception.

winter cocktails

Warm mulled wine, spiked apple cider, and hot toddies are only a few of the many, many wintertime cocktails you can serve at your winter nuptials. You can’t pull that off at a summer soiree.

comfort foods

Having a winter wedding gives you a bit more freedom when choosing desserts to serve your guests. Whether you have a hot chocolate bar, or a mac and cheese station, winter comfort foods make for a great addition at any winter wedding.

useful party favors

Having a wedding in the dead of winter can also give you a bit more freedom to get creative with your party favors. From DIY mason jar hot cocoa mixes to embroidered blankets (or slippers!), there are so many cute gifts you can pass out to your guests!