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35 summer wedding centerpieces worth snapping

colored vases, unexpected florals, and (of course) pineapples!

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Everything is better in the summer—including wedding Instagram opportunities. Keep reading to see 34 centerpieces and tablescapes to inspire your own (or at least a trip to your local florist).

Here, we love how the greenery is tied to the floral arrangement, creating a garland effect.

Every detail of this Harbour Island wedding was more perfect than anything we could ever dream. These palm trees serving as centerpieces isn’t even the half of it.

This black and white-themed, minimalist wedding opted for tall, matte black and white vases holding various types of greenery for a fresh, modern look.

This color and print obsessed couple kept their palette neutral with pops of vibrant, summer colors. Their centerpieces are a prime example.

For a more formal affair, go bold with your centerpieces. We love how this couple went super tall with their white floral arrangement—but also added smaller vases at the base, too.

(P.S. One of our favorite colors for summer weddings is—you guessed it—white.)

No, delicate string lights are not only for winter weddings! Take note how the gold, metallic accent color is expertly weaved throughout this tablescape.

Does it get better than an ombre flower box? We don’t think so.

Baby’s breath, usually used as a filler of sorts for larger arrangements, takes center stage here in an elegant outdoor setting.

Opt for a super simple centerpiece and use one single peony. It’s stunning enough on its own!

Themed weddings are always fun—even with the centerpieces! This nautical-themed wedding could not be more perfect for summer.

Summer weddings (and centerpieces) can be darker and moody, too. This elegant table setting is made even more sultry with the addition of a bold vase filled with branches with tea candles and beads hanging off as accents.

Sometimes, centerpieces are more about accenting the dishware than acting as the main event. This funky, neon Nashville wedding did just that, adding gold lanterns and tropical centerpieces to the tops of their tables.

Understated garland (okay, all garland) is a perfectly acceptable centerpiece.

This reception is next level glamorous—in a welcoming, garden party kind of way. If you can’t see, the trellises covered in greenery are in place so the hanging tea lights can serve as centerpieces and create a special ambiance.

Pair potted (and metallic painted!) cacti with air plants placed in various chalices and glasses.

Though yes, this tropical centerpiece is perfect, it’s important to look at the entire tablescape here. The green glasses complement the greenery in the arrangement, which all sit atop a sequined tablecloth. Talk about glam.

While this centerpiece errs on the side of tradition, we appreciate the pop of blue that the candlesticks bring to the table (literally). Let this serve as a reminder that your color isn’t at all limited to your centerpiece florals!

This blue and white wedding departed from their color scheme completely with these sweet cream and sherbert-colored florals.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a garland instead of a traditional floral centerpiece. This long tropical arrangement is so breathtaking, it’s not hard to see why the couple chose it. P.S. We won’t blame you if you pin every single image from this Brazil wedding.

Metallic pineapple? Check. Baby pineapple? Check. This centerpiece (and tablescape in general) is the queen of all things pineapple!

(Pst, there’s more where that came from. See more creative summer centerpiece ideas here!)

Using florals in your centerpieces isn’t a requirement. This couple elegantly pulled off using succulents and wire copper candle holders.

There’s no denying this looks is minimalist (and definitely budget-friendly), but it works! Simply collect your favorite florals, similar to those in your bouquet, and DIY your own collection of small vases.

There’s so much good stuff here it’s hard to focus on all the elements of the centerpiece! For starters, yes, that is a dinosaur. We also appreciate the mixed metals and bright and casual florals.

Flower boxes are great for weddings that have an outdoor component (aka most summer weddings!). We’re especially loving this arrangement of hydrangeas and orchids.

This elegant summer reception is elevated to even higher heights with the help of this gigantic pink floral centerpiece.

Potted plants and hot sauce? This couple (and their Anthropologie-inspired wedding) know what’s up!

Colored vintage vases are trending, for good reason. It’s an easy way to bring bold, bright colors onto your table.

The sky is the limit when it comes to dreaming up your centerpieces. This couple brought an entire garden (moss included) onto their guests’ tables.

Bring major color to your tablescape with brightly colored vases—and even brighter colored flowers.

Randomly vary your simple centerpieces by height, size, and type of flower for a casual, vintage-esque vibe.

The textures (and colors, of course) are what make this particular arrangement of flowers stand out.

Who doesn’t love a good pineapple centerpiece? We sure do—especially when the leafy top becomes a tropical floral arrangement.

Make your centerpiece edible with season or brightly-hued tropical fruit.

Every detail of this boho Dallas wedding contributed to the overall theme and feel of the wedding, including the cheery floral centerpieces.

Yes, that is a pineapple vase, and yes, we adore it.

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