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creative summer centerpiece ideas
Brunch with friends, formal affairs, and impromptu setups by the pool. With
a steady stream of entertaining days ahead, elevate your next gathering by
going beyond a simple pairing of florals and a vase.

text by: Rachel Barber

upcycled votives

Keep it simple with a glass and candle centerpiece. Place candles in an assortment of mason jars for a casually rustic vibe. For a more sleek and modern look, use a glass scorer to cut off the bottom of wine bottles and place them over the candles.

the bottled type

Imprint a dainty typeface on slender glass bottles in lieu of numbered place cards. Take the DIY route by concealing wine bottles with chalkboard paint and wrapping the top half with a strand of hemp. Keep the centerpiece functional, by filling the bottles with a variety of beverages, or use them to house a posy of florals.

tropical punch

This versatile fruit adds a tropical touch to a summer fete. Slice off the top half of the pineapple, and scoop out the insides to create a vessel for florals and fruit salads. Paint it gold for a glamorous effect, or simply fasten one with a placecard, for guests to enjoy as favors.

classic tales

Add a touch of whimsy to your summer get-together with an assortment of antique titles. Stack a few at the center of the table, interspersed with fresh flowers and tealight candles.

seasonal blooms

We’ll admit it, there’s nothing extraordinary about floral centerpieces, after all, they’re a staple when it comes to entertaining. This season, we’re all for elevating these classics with a fresh perspective and a unique take.

Disguised jars in wooden crates house a bundle of wild lavenders, lending a warm and bucolic touch to the table.

Accentuate the beauty of these rustic pieces with a complementary cluster of fresh florals and bright greens.

galvanized buckets

For casual summer gatherings, fill a small, metal bucket with a bundle of flowers or a colorful assortment of finely-packaged beverages.

drifted beauty

No summer table is complete without a little touch of the sea. Pair a natural strip of driftwood with succulents and moss for a quintessentially coastal affair. For a more sleek effect, coat it in a sheer paint color and display it sans greenery.

gilded figurines

With a whitewashed coat and gold leaf details, these simple figurines add an elegant yet lighthearted touch to the table. Using a drill, create a shallow well on the back of the toy, and fill with dainty plants or succulents.

desert flowers

Ideal for summer soirées, cacti are easy to style and look great in any vessel – from terracotta to glass. Intersperse them with candles, smooth stones, driftwood, and other natural elements.