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With warm weather entertaining comes the opportunity for a carefully curated floral display. Whether this entails a petit posy of garden picks or an extravagantly abundant display, a little inspiration never hurt. Here, 35 beautiful and original tabletop arrangements to inspire your next floral garland.

These colorful blooms steal the spotlight with a stunning contrast against the remaining decor!

Scatter a handful of delicate florals within an abundant bunch of olive leaves for a thoroughly-filled assortment.

Eucalyptus leaves aren’t just pleasant to look at, they also provide a soothing fragrance to the table!

No rustic outdoor table would be complete sans a bucolic table garland. Filter in florals such as roses for an elegantly refined finish.

Don’t shy away from heavily saturated florals! Keep the palette of the table garland to a uniform intensity for a more cohesive finish that still remains eye-catching.

For the elegant brunch or wedding party, opt for a reserved garland with a select number of elements. This bunch features a vibrant green and a carefully curated mix of budding peonies.

Loosely braided strands of eucalyptus inspire effortlessly casual elegance.

These scattered lemons not only lend a cheery contrast against the garland’s greens, they also provide the table with a refreshing and fragrant hint of citrus.

Going for the less-is-more approach to the decor? Wispy greens atop a stark white linen tablecloth is definitely the solution.

A fragrant mix of eucalyptus and olive leaves are paired with blush-toned florals for a dreamy tablescape that truly calls for little else.

Think of the two-toned magnolia leaves as the ultimate two-in-one deal. Twist and turn various leaves to show off both colors, and filter in an eclectic assortment of white florals to double as the garland’s anchoring element.

For the flower-heavy garland saturated in color, filter in bright greens to further elevate and accentuate the shades of the spread.

Designate two or three flowers as the garland’s statement pieces around which you will build the remaining elements. In this case, blush-toned peonies and soft white ranunculi are the focus. To avoid a stark contrast between the flowers and the greens, tie in a less conspicuous floral – such as the wax flowers pictured here – to bind the two components together.

Not all flower garlands should be centered at the table! Styling the piece at one end of the table can create a unique effect, perfect for the wedding table.

Considering a really over-the-top display? Try sticking to a select number of colors – or a few variations of one particular shade – to keep the garland from looking too chaotic.

We’re loving the muted pastels of the flowers in this stunning bunch. Note the way the fillers are purposely “outgrowing” the display, emulated a truly effortless feel.

A dark table setting provides opportunity for a more vibrantly colorful floral pairing. Mix deeply shaded pinks and reds with a handful of stark white florals for a truly well-rounded bunch.

This eclectic assortment comes with a diverse range of greens from air plants to eucalyptus to create a one-of-a-kind display.

A bounty of pine leaves coupled with red roses make for the perfect rustic table decor.

Pair a lace runner with delicate florals that fall in a thin line to complement a rustic meets shabby chic aesthetic.

This curated mix of freshly picked florals is thinner in form at the length of the table, eventually growing into a more abundant and statement-making display towards the ends.

Air plants and roses make for quite a pair in this delicate table top display stylishly replicated in a more grand form up top.

A thin green strand along the length of the table makes for a more approachable and delightfully minimal addition to the decor.

Lavender, ranunculi, and purple wax flowers have us seriously reconsidering this tabletop palette.

On this beach-inspired tabletop split leaf philodendrons are mixed with strips of driftwood for a classically clean-cut feel.

Baby’s breath are the epitome of effortless elegance and this abundant bunch is no exception.

Oversized air plants scattered within this bright green garland provide a dynamic accent as well as a compelling layer atop a usual mix.

For the rustic fete that is all about embracing the outdoors, make up for a lack of elements or superfluous decor with an eye-catching garland featuring plenty of greens!

Sometimes, freshly picked florals – stems included – are all a summer table really needs.

For the summer table lacking florals, opt for a garland composed entirely of multi-colored leaves and fillers.

We can’t even imagine how amazing this fresh winter display must smell! Bring together winter’s finest pines with a handful of seasonally-appropriate accents (pinecones and holly included!).

A tabletop garland is not always required to entail an intricate composition. Simply layering florals atop one another can achieve a similarly elegant finish.

Don’t be afraid to let the garland spill over onto the floor, so long as it’s not blocking a walkway.

Layer a scattered assortment of palm-sized succulents across a bed of greens, and speckle the tips with a bit of goldwash for a sleek accent.