Published on February 5, 2019

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courtesy of West Elm

If the winter blues have got you down, a bit of color therapy can do you a lot of good. Enter West Elm’s newly launched spring collection, which is rife with cheerful yellows, calming teal and mint tones, and the occasional pop of Yves Klein Blue—a combination which is sure to put a smile on your face.

Throughout the collection, oppositional colors are paired together to emphasize their contrast—blues are positioned next to oranges—and multiple hues of the same shade are layered together to create depth (think: a smattering of different turquoise tones atop a duvet cover). The rounded silhouettes of dinnerware and glassware, too, lend a distinctly modern feeling to several pieces.

For those less color-inclined, though, there are plenty of options that can help ease a more minimalist space into a more playful territory. A light lavender bedspread makes a subtle alternative to an all-white option, while a mint side table adds just a light wash of color. For minimalists and maximalists both, there’s something to love.

Shop our picks from the collection below.

An organic shape and a subtle spackled effect give these colorful plates a handmade feeling.

The hue and shape of this small side table combine to create one dreamy piece that, at $129, is a total steal.

Not ready to give up your all-white bedding? Opt for this bright nightstand instead.

This globe-shaped vase is just the thing to hold a stalk of pampas grass or a couple strands of bunny-tail grass.

An earthy terra-cotta-colored dinner set never goes out of style. The shape of this bowl, though, offers something new.

Linen and lilac: a match made in bedding heaven.

The asymmetrical, frosted finish of these glasses gives them a modern touch.

The ocean blues of this bedspread balance out its energetic pattern, making it an ideal pick to revitalize your bedroom.

A striped chair is just the maximalist accent your living room’s been needing.

Virginia Sin’s circular wall hook makes for a stylish storage solution.

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