Published on January 23, 2019

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courtesy of West Elm

A single piece can transform a room: This is a sentiment we know to be true and something particularly evident in West Elm’s new release designed by Debra Folz. Including an array of dressers, tables, and one eye-catching mirror, the collection is the perfect example of contemporary design that uses small details to make a major impact.

With a neutral color palette (the dressers are ash wood, and the occasional tables are translucent gray), Folz’s designs can seamlessly fit in a wide range of interiors. Through them all, soft brass touches lend cohesion and make a bold impression.

“With this collection, I set out to develop one detail language that could pull through three different object types: storage, occasional tables, and mirrors,” Folz says. “This emerged as solid round brass with rounded endings explored as the loop and knot of a drawer pull, the lasso and tie around a mirror, and the setting points for glass planes set askew.”

The level of detail achieved in these pieces makes them worthwhile investments, and their contemporary style strikes a balance between classic and experimental. For Folz, the sculptural accents give the collection a high-end feeling—almost as if each piece was custom-made for the space it inhabits.

“I enjoy the idea of sculptural details that appear specific to that one piece even if, as in this case, it’s a mass-produced object,” she says. “Another example of this would be our sewn-surfaces mirrors where they appear to be stitched to your wall, so they begin to take on aspects of an installation and at the same time are composed of standardized parts.”

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