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by Cora L. Diekman

Oxblood, Sage, and Blush Pink

Colors that could otherwise work beautifully in the spring are made ideal for fall by the addition of deep, dark oxblood red. Cream is also a perfect accent color within this palette that’s dramatic, elegant, and formal. Early fall weddings may also incorporate some brighter, fresher green foliage to better suit that transitional time between late summer and autumn.

Dusty Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue

As 2016’s Pantone Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue will be HOT this wedding season. To make these hues appropriate for fall, opt for softer, dustier versions with gray undertones. Pinks that straddle the line between rose and creamy-taupe are autumn-appropriate, and pair beautifully with Serenity, which is already muted and wonderfully serene.

Midnight Blue, Gold, and Rose

Blue and gray were all the rage in 2015, so mix things up this year with brighter pops of seasonal color, like antique gold and soft rose pink. We’re also loving how this glam bouquet incorporates small accents of green and tangerine, for brides who crave lots of color (in a season when hues tend to be muted).

Rustic Gray, Taupe, and Dusty Lavender

This soft palette of nearly nudes is versatile enough for rustic and formal weddings alike. Careful placement of colors that are similar in nature like these create an ombre effect that’s over-the-top glamorous. The greenery-only bouquets featured here are perfectly beautiful as is, but would also work with bunches of creamy-white flowers for a more formal effect.

Plum and Cream

This gorgeous wedding cake is seriously inspiring, illustrating how two colors faded together in a clever ombre effect can create a complete

wedding color palette

Plum fades into a rich cream color, reaching hues of purple, dark magenta, and lavender along the way. One or all of these shades would make excellent colors for bridesmaids dresses and bouquets – simple and yet so glamorous.

Copper, Rose Quartz, and Gray

If you like the idea of incorporating Rose Quartz into your wedding color palette in a smaller way, consider using it as an accent color, as in this romantic-modern tablescape. Rose pairs beautifully with shades of gray and copper, which is still riding a wave of popularity this year, of course – so shopping wedding decor in this palette should be a cinch.

Navy, Tangerine, and Reddest Red

Navy is fabulously versatile – providing a touch of rich color while also playing like a neutral. In this case, navy makes summer brights like tangerine and ruby red completely fall-appropriate, and provides a vibrant option for brides who crave color.

Pink, Plum, and Sage

Take a traditional fall palette like plum and sage to a brighter, more colorful level with an infusion of soft pink. Usually reserved for spring and summer, pale pink works to brighten a dramatic autumn color scheme with feminine softness and a touch of fun.

Sage, Platinum, and Grayed Jade

Combining varying shades of gray like smoke and platinum is a lovely treat for the eyes, and a gray-green accent gives everything a sophisticated vibe. What might seem like an overly masculine color scheme is actually soft and beautiful (and absolutely ideal for autumn – or brides who simply refuse pink).

Olive and Cream

Modern, simple, and lovely in its simplicity, olive and cream keeps the palette minimal and seriously chic. This look is timeless and ethereal. Enough said.

Platinum, Dusty Rose, Peach, and Sage

Think of this as a fall twist on a spring palette, swapping white for platinum, green for sage, and rose for dusty pink. It’s sophisticated, lovely, and a colorful option for autumn weddings (that totally works).