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I’ve never believed in saving certain things just for special occasions. That dish you typically eat on a holiday doesn’t get any less special if you whip it up to satisfy a craving on a random Thursday, and the purchase of a bouquet of flowers doesn’t require any real reason. So, too, does this rule apply to decorations that might typically be reserved for birthdays or parties of any other sort. My favorite piece of decor is a glittery, fringed banner that some might reserve for a special soiree or celebration, but on my wall, it makes every day feel special.

I was in college when I first discovered Fun Cult and instantly loved designer Caitlin Holcomb’s fringed creations. My wall decorations at the time were limited. In dorms, tapestries were a common (admittedly, collegiate) antidote to plain white walls, and posters were hung before we graduated on to better framing strategies. A banner, though, was something different: It was playful but well-made. It could have a sweet message without going anywhere close to cheesy inspirational quote territory.

Eventually, I decided on a custom order: a pearl white fringe banner with gold glitter letters spelling out “good vibes.” Simple, a little whimsical, and versatile enough that it’s found a home in every apartment I’ve lived in since.


photography by rebecca deczynski

Many of Fun Cult’s non-custom options are, admittedly, tied to certain occasions. Some romantic-leaning banners are ideal for weddings or Valentine’s Day parties, and others more explicitly make references to holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Certain decorations—say, a Christmas tree or jack-o-lantern—are special because they’re only brought once a year, but that’s not to say that making your everyday decor a little more festive makes it any less special. Your home should be filled with the things that make you happy, and sometimes you need a little bit whimsy.

On my banner, the message I chose is evergreen, short, and sweet. I’m not typically one for inspirational quotes, but a simple phrase can bring me back to myself in moments of gloom or stress. All I have to do is look to one corner of my room to see a gold glittering reminder to focus on the good over the bad. That’s a reminder that everyone can use every now and then, and that’s precisely why this wall decoration has, and will continue to be, a constant as my style evolves and shifts. Good vibes are a constant. So, too, for me, are glitter and fringe.

Interested in getting your own banner? Shop our favorites below.

Forever Glittering Fringe Banner, Fun Cult ($38)

This one word can be applied to so many life events or even just general life philosophies. The Tiffany blue hue of this banner makes for a fun pop of color.


Trying Fringe Banner, Fun Cult ($32)

Here’s a little bit of motivation to hang in your productivity nook.

Love Always Glittering Fringe Banner, Fun Cult ($40)

A simple reminder in a classic color combo is just the thing to elevate your space.

Introvert / Extrovert / or Ambivert Glittering Fringe Banner, Fun Cult ($38)

For the person in your life who can’t quite figure out their Myers-Briggs personality type.

Fun Fun Fun Fringe Banner, Fun Cult ($40)

In case you needed a reminder to have some fun—here you go.


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